8 thoughts on “The Pink One.”

  1. Yanno… you ALMOST sounded like a DJ there.
    I must extend my deepest gratitude for firing her pink gun lust.
    You should see the list she has going now.
    And no… none of it comes from a factory pink…
    I am going to need a second job…


    I had a long talk with Jim today, I have a feeling Joe is going to become my go-to gun guy. Not only have yall done this for me..but he has agreed to do me a CavArms Pink slide for my 1911 and Hello Kitty grips to boot.
    You guys are the best EVER!! I can tell you, you have made me the happiest(so to be pink gun toting) girl alive this week.
    Much thanks to all of you at Crusader.

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