Trucks running great again…

250 bucks and The Bomber (my old Chevy… because it sounds just like a B-24 Bomber) is ready for another trip over Berlin.  Or into Town.  What really hurt was the 80 bucks to fill the tank.


14 thoughts on “Trucks running great again…”

  1. Our main mode of transportation is an ’88 Ramcharger.
    12-13 mpg and a 35 gallon tank.
    However… it holds lots of fun for a range trip.
    Yea, you need a bike. 😉


          1. I think the statistic actually works out that, if alcohol is not involved, bikes are safer than cars. Bikes just get bad press, because so many fools drink and ride, and end up killing/maiming themselves.

            1. That has a lot of truth to it. Unfortunately these days with idiots that can’t put down their flipping Cell Phones, it’s all the worse. Bikes have a hard enough time being seen as it is. So maybe a bright red Harley with loud pipes?
              If I only had the money…

          2. You could do like me an pick up an old late 80s Honda CRX. They get better gas mileage than the brand new Honda CRZ hybrid.

            Although I didn’t actually buy it for the gas mileage. I bought it because even at $1500 and needing several hundred dollars worth of repairs it was still about the cheapest deal I could get in Memphis.

            Man alive do people WAY over value their cars in this area…

  2. How about like a Subaru outback? Great gas mileage, sort of large interior and all wheel drive.

      1. It’s on the list of cars I want to get someday. Would be good for camping, just lay down the back seats and roll out the sleeping bags.

  3. Uff… I just spent a week up to my elbows in a Subaru headjob for a torched exhaust valve.
    Bike. Isn’t there a pile of old Yam xs650’s out there somewhere?

  4. Geo, I almost stopped by your shop while on my walk-a-bout.
    when I got to Amarillo there was a big fire around Denver and the weather looked like it was coming your way.
    Maybe in September when I go to Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno.
    I would like to shoot with you. I know I would learn new stuff.

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