Old School Security

Thank you to Retired Officer Eric for the cool old school Army holster.  I was wanting just such a rig for riding in the mountains.   Looking at the gear inspired me to take a photo.


Does anyone have an Plates for the vest?  I still need the plates.

7 thoughts on “Old School Security”

  1. Are SAPI plates legal for civilian ownership? I’ve heard it both ways but no real “official” word.

  2. Love the Springer… arched MSH, lanyard ring, small sights.
    Honestly, its hard to beat the stock traditional profile.
    I had somewhat dismissed the as delivered to the gvmt form of the 1911, oh how mistaken I had been.
    Lookin good George.


    1. Thanks. That is very similar to a set up I had when I was in the service. It brings back some fond, and not so fond memories.

  3. You really want the plates? They only weigh about 10 lbs each, for a guy your size. I wish I could help you out, but they are accountable items, and I can’t just make them disappear from the property book.

    1. Thanks, Buzz… I have some plates on the way now. So it’s good. Yeah, they are a bit heavy but worth it if you need them. It was a plate that saved my bacon years ago. The bullet expended it’s energy in the plate, but still broke through it and the Kevlar under it stopped it. Had I not had plates in, the Kevlar would have been penetrated. As it was, I still had a cracked sternum.

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