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Technology Enhanced

Gundoc and I are both now sporting new HTC Sensation smart phones.  These things do freaking everything.  2 dual core processors that make this cell phone faster than most of the computers I’ve ever owned.  Certainly faster than my HP Mini Netbooks.

Glympse, so my Homies know where I’m rolling when I am in SLC – or going to and from SLC.  Google Doc, so I can write Uprising as I am inspired.  1080P Video that can upload straight to YouTube so when I’m out at the range, blowing things up with some firepower from Crusader Weaponry – I can show it off.  More product highlights from The Gun Counter.  All that.

Oh, and better yet – Crusader Students can actually get a hold of me when they are lost trying to find The Training Range. It’s all good like that.   Speaking of Training, we’re going to be doing a couple training classes after GunDoc and I spend a little time Sharpening our Skills with Massad Ayoob at his MAG-40 Class.  Instructors are Perpetual Students themselves, and If my edge is dull, I can’t sharpen yours.  So look at the Crusader Weaponry website and Facebook Page for those classes.