Dear Adobe

You are fucking obnoxious. All I need you for is to read PDF’s. Yet you are constantly updating and being a fucking attention-whore about it when you are doing it. I can’t put you into the background or minimize you while you’re do your shit… you have to be on top of everything, in my way. If I slide you over to the side, you pop back up into the center. I’m trying to write a book over here, or look at funny cat videos – and you are always getting in my face. Judas Priest, man! You are like those Mexican Porn Flier People in Vegas. Can’t walk down the Strip without those clowns snapping their little fliers in your face… Adobe – you are just like that. And then you ask me to Reboot. Really? I’m in the middle of doing something and you are interrupting me, getting in my way, and then you want me to stop what I am doing. Are you serious? This isn’t Windows 95 anymore. I am getting really tired of you, Adobe.
Knock it off or I’m uninstalling your shit.

14 thoughts on “Dear Adobe”

  1. FoxIt and CutePDF are so easy. Adobe has too many security concerns…that’s why it’s always updating. At least on Windows that’s why. Use alternative readers and run Ubuntu FTW!

  2. Those Mexican porn flier people are over the top obnoxious.

    I don’t get the appeal of using dial-a-hooker services being advertised by guys who look like they were kicked out of a Guatamalan whorehouse for creeping out the regulars.

  3. As a Computer Science major, this made my day. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I know exactly what you mean, Ogre. You made an excellent comparison. Here is mine. Adobe is the herpes of the tech world and your computer had a flare up. Consider the aforementioned software technological Valtrex.

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