Chromed out

Since the early days of Mozilla, I had always been a supporter.  To the point of donating over 200 dollars to the foundation for further development.  I used to use the Mozzila suite, and finally converted to Firefox after that became the big thing…. And I faithfully used it… Until recently.
I found myself growing tired of Firefoxes bloat and memory issues and sudden tantrums and crashes.  So I once again looked at Chrome, and I looked at it hard.   No bloat. No memory leaks. No crashing. It just worked.
I found myself using Chrome more and more, and Firefox less and less… Then I realized that I don’t use Firefox anymore.
Looking foreward to Chrome for the Android.

10 thoughts on “Chromed out”

  1. I use both on occasion, but tend more towards firefox. I just prefer the way it seems easier to get “under the hood” and set it up exactly how I like it. Chrome is my default on older systems with less “horsepower”

  2. I was running into too many sites that didn’t seem to be compatible with FireFox. One members only site told all the members they were going to standardize for Chrome only. That kind of ticked me first. Then I went ahead and dumped Firefox. Pity, they had a lot of features that I liked but as stated, Every time I loaded an upgrade I got another problem I had to work around. Chrome is kind of Meh, but I’ve had a lot fewer problems.

  3. I read that chrome reports stuff home to the mother ship, and somebody created a “clean” version of chrome. is that what you use, or know where to get it so I can start playing with it?

    Does chrome have addins like FF? Some I use are hard to leave behind. Been thinking about chrome and your comments have got me thinking about more.

      1. Comodo has a “clean” version I found that doesn’t have the “spyware” in it that reports stuff to Google. Now need to put it through the paces.

  4. I just downloaded this, after reading your review. My netbook had been running super slow on Firefox, and with each “upgrade” they did it was like a new virus. So far so good. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Have been using Chrome for some time. Like it very well. Like their incognito tabs. Stops cookies, etc. Been a good system. Love being able to “cloud” store all my emails, and access email from any computer.

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