Not happy with the Kindles.

The Amazon Kindle Reader.  We’ve got 3 of them at Ogre Ranch.  All three of them are DOA.  Floating belly up.  Circling the drain.  They are Late Kindles.  The Spark of Kindle Life is extinguished.

Each one was working fine… and then just stopped powering on, waking up, or whatever the thing does – it’s not doing it anymore.  No blunt force trauma to them.  No immersion in fluids.  Nothing was done to them… they just stopped working.

Anyone know what we can do with these Dead Kindles?

When I buy one for myself… I think I’m going to have to go with the B&N Nook.

17 thoughts on “Not happy with the Kindles.”

  1. Muhr beat me to it. Or, alternatively, you could use ’em for long-range rifle targets. Or Kindle-ing to start a bonfire with.

    I got a newest model Nook (the smaller one that is basically a big touch screen) as a graduation present a few months back. Love it, and it’s been 100% bulletproof. I love it. The only thing is that on mine, the battery life has only been about half as long as advertized (thought that might’ve been my own stupid fault by not charging it up all the way before I turned it on). That said, the battery still lasts about 30 days if I don’t use Wi-Fi, so I’m not complaining.

    Get the Nook. You won’t regret it.

  2. Dude, who keeps buying them if they going tits up?
    I have a paper edition of Uprising. I will never put a single battery in it, and it will be eternally available for me, or my friends to read.

  3. I’ve had a kindle for about a year now, and it’s still chuggin along just fine. But if you’re not happy with kindle, then might I suggest a tablet PC instead? Much more useful, and you can install the kindle app and read all of your ebooks (and magazines, etc). You’d also get something a bit more useful. I have an Asus Transformer that I do the majority of my reading on now, the kindle sits on my nightstand for late nights. I’d suggest an ipad, but I’m not a big apple fan.

  4. Ogre, I always recommend people buy an android tablet rather than a kindle or a nook. You can download apps that will let you read both formats and many others.

  5. I bought a Sony Touch last year ( the larger of last years models with the six inch diagonal screen) and its been a workhorse. My only problem was I did not set up a Sony Reader Store account that authorizes Adobe DRM. I was moving previously purchased ebooks from my other computers before going to the Reader Store. Either ways works. I chose the Sony as it handled the most formats, PDF, epub, Word, jpg. I like and dislike the eink screen, yes you can read it in daylight butt… One of my current thought experiments is trying to figure out how to combine an eink display with an LCD and get the best of both worlds. Having tried the Sony, I think a small tablet computer with a color screen would offer more flexibility then a dedicated Reader. As long as it was not a Crapple MaxiPad!

  6. I’ve had my nook for about a year now and aside from a small crack in the case from dropping it, its just like it was when I first got it. It has an app store too and has the ability to have a pure android OS loaded onto it. I’m very happy with it.

    1. My moms died a month ago. The amazon rep actually apologized, and had a new one in her hands 3 days later.

        1. I dont do messages of hope. If I did, I would run for POTUS as a socialist… I mean democrat. 🙂

      1. yeah I have a friend that has killed three well his kids have but amazon has replaced all 3 free of charge.

  7. Mine has been working fine, except for one instance when I think I locked it up by overusing the bookmark feature. Now I only book mark if I’m leaving off somewhere in one book and going to another.
    Apparently Amazon is buying so many of the things that bad batches are almost inevitable, but the sales are so large that replacement for the relatively small numbers of bad ones is a trivial cost factor for Amazon. Goodwill is worth more to them. The Kindle is the razor holder, the books are the razor blades.

  8. I’ve had one for three years now. ONE! Keeps chugging along. goes with me everywhere, replacing a whole lot of paperbacks I used to lug when I went on the road.

    The only concession I made to its longevity was buying the original Kindle cover for it when I bought the Kindle.

    I’ve heard the same stories about people who’ve had one die: quick replacement, no questions.


  9. I’m on my second. The first didn’t pass the submersion test, which was my fault. Other than that, not a problem.

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