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Nexus 7 Update

So the Droid developers just pushed an OS update for the Nexus 7 Tablet. From 4.1.1 to the shiny new 4.1.2. All that I’ve seen different is that I can go “Landscape” at the desktop screen. They have said that it contains some minor bug fixes as well. But the download was over 31 Megs worth. That seems to be a rather substantial download to go Landscape and fix a few bugs.
But something did happen there under the hood.  This new Jelly Bean seems to be a bit quicker than before and it seems to be a bit better on the battery.  It has taken what was a good little Tablet, and made it better.

Now that I’ve been using the Nexus 7 for awhile now, what are my impressions?  Well, it could use a few key features for the next version.  A Memory Card Slot would be slick.  User Replaceable batteries is another.  Or the option of getting an Extended battery would be great too.  I like the size, but I’d happily have it twice as thick if it had more battery run time.  As it is, the battery life is great.  I can go 2 or 3 days with normal use or all day if I’m pounding it.

It can do a lot of things.  Email, WordPress, Tapatalk, all your normal Droid features.  Mainly it’s a Communication Appliance for me.  But what makes it especially handy for me is that I can connect it to a Blue Tooth Keyboard and then use if for actual writing.  Like what I’m doing with it right now.  When done, it goes into the Tank Bag and the Nexus rides in a Pelican Case, in the Tank Bag as well.  Not a full sized backpack like my Laptop has to ride in.  I really like that bit.  Being a Motorcyclist, size is everything to me.  And this little 7″ unit is about perfect.  It’s big enough to read magazines on it just fine, while not being obnoxious like some other tablets I’ve seen.  It has a very good Wireless system and gets a better Wireless system than several tablets that I’ve seen.

I’ve found the Nexus to be very useful and I like it.  It’s not a Laptop Replacement, but it handles many of my computing needs.

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

I got one tonight.  I’m geeking out about this thing. 
Quad core processor, 16 gigs, 7” screen, Wi-Fi, thin and light.
The Android OS is cool too.  See, I’m running Droid on my phone… I got all my apps and stuff… its all set up.
Now, when I started up the Nexus 7, I signed into Google and within seconds I had all my apps, pictures, everything.  Just like my phone.  And thanks to G-Drive and Cloud… I have all my Docs and Music.  Bam.  Just like that.
250 bucks.