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To all you idiots that want to ban guns…

Show me where Banning anything has gotten rid of the problem.
Because what happens, according to history, is the problem only gets a Hell of a lot worse.

Banning drugs.  Congratulations, now the Drug Cartels have pretty much taken over Mexico.
Alcohol Prohibition.  Created the Mob’s foothold in America.

So, for you Liberal Geniuses, what do you think will really happen if we ban guns?  Criminals will just be nice, plant flowers, sing songs, and drive Priusi?

Wake up.

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  1. Banning guns sure worked in Germany to help stop the Jews from resisting. Don’t get me started on how banning guns helps criminals and dictators!

  2. They want to legalize pot because prohibition is useless and destructive, but in the next breath they want prohibition on guns because that would be really effective.

  3. Why do you take the Prius so personally, George?
    They’re leaving more gas for you, right?
    But you’re correct, banning guns will do nothing and that’s laying aside the fact that it would be simply impossible anyway.
    I have no intention of running amok with my guns nor do I feel that they’re essential to my safety.
    I’m just not going to turn them over even if legally required. I paid for/traded for them. They’re mine.
    Anyway the issue will never get to that point. How many usable firearms are in the country right now? Unless you can vaporize them immediately, they’ll be usable a century from now – if properly taken care of.
    No one’s going to confiscate guns. It would never work.
    Comparisions to Albania, post WW1 or Nazi Germany don’t fit.
    In Albania you would have been talking about a very limited number of them – mostly ancient, break-open shotguns used to put the occasional rabbit in the stew. Likewise Germany.
    The gun culture in this country is different. It’s far more pervasive and, thanks to the NRA, far more adamant and fearful.
    I loathe the NRA but… all my guns were lost in a boating accident.
    The real problem, as I see it, is that we’ve created a culture that worships success, not that that alone is the problem.
    The obverse is that we denigrate failure.
    This dipshit had just bailed on his PHD program. But he’s 24. He’s got 2/3rds of his life ahead of him. It’s no biggie but it’s made out to be one.
    He’s a loser – as the popular wisdom goes.
    No, he’s just a guy who went up a blind alley and then just needed to fall back and regroup.
    The other issue is that we’ve produced a culture that has no room for the people that the system isn’t working for.
    We’ve got a complex, demanding and very unforgiving setup. A setup that some folks aren’t going to be able to handle.
    These are people who, two-hundred years ago could have a niche – somewhere. It doesn’t mean that they’re stupid or lazy or any of the common throw-away descriptions. It just means that things move too fast for some.
    Now the situation is such that it’s either success or pushing a shopping cart and talking to yourself.
    Clowns like this guy in CO, who are obviously wound too tight and in need of medication, see any setback as the end of the world – and go nuts.
    I have no ideas for a solution but nothing will be accomplished in banning certain magazines or guns – or through more thorough back-ground checks.
    Crazy people don’t act crazy all the time and often the first time they do is in a situation like this one.
    Seriously nuts folks like Charlie Manson aren’t going to bother with any formalities. Anyone, who puts his mind to it, can find a gun.
    Lacking that – and I read this in column just the other day – James Holmes could have done more damage in less time with several molotov cocktails.
    They’d play hell trying to track glass bottles, gasoline and storm matches (What the smart guys use).
    Hunkering down robs you of your time and energy. Butting your head against the world doesn’t always work but – fucking up when you’re young shouldn’t be a death sentence.
    That my $.02 and I expect change back from it.

    1. Because a Prius is stupid, maybe?

      They need replacement batteries every half decade or so, which generates far more environmental damage then simply burning gasoline more efficiently.

      If you want to be an envirotard, fine. Buy a Suzuki Swift, or some other +40 MPG motorized skateboard.

      1. Again, why so personal. I don’t want one for the battery reason exclusively.
        What is stupid in my view is an F350, lifted with a short box and color coordinated topper.
        F350 means it’s a one-ton which further means that it’s payload is actually two tons. Look at the GVW numbers.
        Unless you’re hauling gold bullion or depleted uranium you’re never going to be able to load it to capacity.
        That’s stupid.

        1. I don’t have an F350, but I do have an F250 long box and I have come close to capacity on a number of occasions hauling pea gravel and landscaping rocks for my back yard. If I was more adventuresome I could have maxed the capacity out easily cuz the guy in the front-end loader at American Stone was more than willing to let me determine when to say “when”.

        2. The ratings are important for trailer towing, as well. Even if I’m not likely to put more than a full ton in the bed, I do /regularly/ max out the trailer towing capacity when moving equipment.

          I have the short bed because I tend to move small, heavy things, like boilers, and the shorter wheelbase makes it far more maneuverable in parking lots than it would be with the long bed. Plus, dragging around a long bed for no reason would be a waste of fuel; mostly, I put small&heavy things like boilers into the bed, so there’s no reason for bulk space.

          Of course, since I run the best engine ever put in an American vehicle (the last generation of the 7.3L Powerstroke diesel), I use less petroleum than a Prius. I run petroleum when it’s really cold, but otherwise I run locally-sourced biodiesel (the majority of the year). Even figuring that about 20% of the feedstock to produce biodiesel comes from petroleum-based methanol production, my overall yearly petroleum usage is on the order of 100mpg.

          And given that Prius drivers seem to spend all their time staring at the fuel economy gauge instead of the road, and regularly drive 10-20 mph below the normal speed of traffic, causing a nuisance /and/ a safety hazard… yeah, I don’t like having those things on the road.

          1. Eric, Flint, you’re not who I’m talking about and you know the ones that I am.
            The big hulking monsters with the gigantic tires and death’s head imagery everywhere. these aren’t vehicles. They’re fashion statements.
            They’re skateboards for guys with jobs and licenses.
            I cracked-up about a year ago when I saw that some guy had stuck an F650 badge on his half-ton. That’s doing it right.
            And Eric, my last pickup was a ’72, F250 and I loved it. It could haul a yard of concrete mix, the six bags (95# each) of cement and tow the mixer; all without even breathing hard. It did feel like it had power steering though.
            Now I run an F100 that’s ten years older as I’m out of the remodeling game now – and I love the stone-age (I can work on it) stuff.
            Someone that actually uses their rig to work with: they get no shit from me, ever.
            As I recall Eric, a yard of pea gravel runs around 3500# so yeah… slow load but way easy steering.
            And George; first, proofread. I have no idea what you say about the Prius in your fiction. I just know that you seem to see each one of them as a personal affront.
            That’s a lot of energy being tied up in what could simply be solved by… not buying one.
            That’s what I’m doing.

            1. Phone typing is sketchy. And I don’t need to defend my opinions. For examples… I love big 4×4 trucks. I have 2 of them out front of Ogre Ranch at this second. A Ford and a Chevy. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
              And I’m not saying that if you drive a Prius you gobble dicks… It’s just that you might have seen one up close.

          2. I don’t care if someone wants his truck to be a fashion statement. What’s it to me?

            I do care if someone drives in a manner which impedes traffic or, worse, creates a hazard. A /majority/ of Priuses on the road meet that definition.

            Plus, the Prius is governmentally-subsidized, and that’s another reason to find it offensive.

          3. If that’s the issue, Flint; I’ve got no argument.
            The fashion statements torque my jaws because the show some juvenile man/boy tying up 6000# of steel, plastic, copper and aluminum so he can look bad-assed – not to mention wasting gas.
            I want to clarify: Guys with vintage Camaro’s, Chevelle SS’s, or any car that they feel passionately about, and that they put time and/or $$ into, and that includes from-the-ground-up monster trucks – I’ve got no problem with. We’ve all got shit we can be wacky over.
            But if your ide3ntity, such as it is, depends on a purchased item – with options – that’s pathetic.
            BTW, those clowns are wasting your gas/diesel while the Prius drivers aren’t.
            Both my sisters, one older one younger, own those things and I have no idea whether they impede traffic or not. Perhaps they do. My older sis (62 as of last March) is scary driving regardless of the method of propulsion.
            My own pet peeve is: people on the fucking phone.
            And dumbfucks who, with their big,bad pickups assume that everyone needs to clear the decks just because some testosterone-poisoned idiot wants the right of way.
            I fantasize about leaping from my ’88 Camry and pounding them saying “YOU’RE NOT YOUR FUCKING CAR…idiot! You’re a pimply-faced nobody who thinks otherwise. Grow a pair”
            Anyway Flint, you suck at receiving what I’d thought was a fairly conciliatory reply.
            Anyway, all the best. What kind of boilers by the way?

          4. They can waste /their/ fuel all they like. It’s not mine. They paid for it, so it’s theirs to waste as they see fit.

            If they start siphoning my tank, then we can talk about them wasting /my/ fuel.

            Most boilers I install right now are Garns (wood-fired with integral thermal storage), but those are big enough to require a trailer to move. If a boiler’s in the back of my truck, it’s probably a Viessmann Vitola, and would be destined to have a waste-oil or glycerine-fired burner attached. Those are, hands-down, the best boilers for running liquid biomass fuels.

          5. Cliff: I am my fucking car.

            My Diesel Suburban and I will crush you and your japanese auto appliance … we will wear your fingerbones as necklaces, and make your women wear out colors.

        3. Not necessarily about the Load, but the Towing on these things. And it’s always better to have more capacity than less. Especially if you are going up hill. Or in the case of out here – up mountains. The difference is driving up with your load and crawling up it in first gear and overheating.
          Been there.
          Done that.

          1. Not responding to you, George. You may have made my point for me already.
            Flint, re the boilers; very cool. I only asked because I spent a year of my life riding herd on two 120# Cleaver-Brooks, 4-pass, fire-tube boilers at the water plant at Mcmurdo Sta, Antarctica.
            I can’t help it. Boilers interest me and I’ll have to look into the ones you haul.
            And George, what kind of hauling on mountains you done?
            I drove a GMC 2 1/2ton truck full of windows over Roger’s Pass. It had a 350.
            Don’t talk to me about mountains.
            Tow ratings are all about lawsuit repellent. A friend of mine pulled a gooseneck with an IH school bus on it – 200 miles – with a 3/4ton Chevy.

          2. Tow ratings are more about stopping and turning the weight.
            With enough grip and gear I will pull the space shuttle up the side of a mountain.
            Making the turns on the way down and stopping it will be the issue.
            I COULD have bought a Durango and put air lift springs on it, and it would have pulled my travel trailer.I didnt trust it to turn and stop it.
            That is why I got an F250.


      2. Friend of mine got one. Brand new. 4 months later the car was running like crap. He was told that he needed new batteries. Not covered under warranty. 6 Grand.
        He has a VW Rabbit now, and it’s getting better gas mileage. The Prius is truly stupid car. They look stupid. They are too heavy thanks to the batteries. They are slow as hell. They are an environmental disaster in manufacturing. And they are inefficient. Why does anyone like them?
        Seriously, you have to be pretty thick to like a Prius.

        Now I’m not saying I am against the idea of an all electric car or hybrids. It’s just that I’ve not seen a single one yet that’s worth a damn.

        1. First of all have a long bed F150 v-8 2wd. Hybrid technology is improving. 08 Civic hybrid vs 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ford has twice as much throttle response and gets as good of milage as Civic. MPG drops about 15% in cold weather. Is the better mpg enough to cover higher cost? If one is going to keep car 150,000 miles close. Honda has 10 year Bat pack warrenty but don’t try to pass on two lane roads. Freeway it will run 75 mph all day long no problem

  4. This fellow should not have been able to get the firearms and explosives that he had. No, really! How does a professional student get the money for that kind of gear?

    Ah! What we need to do is stop all student loans. Problem solved, by liberal logic even!

  5. The solution used to be if a kid could not hack it they would be sent to a trade school but alas most of the jobs trained in trade school are now shipped overseas 🙁 and we are left with a populace of a few super high achievers ,a bunch of average joes workin our buts off to stay above water and too many who get swept under the rug because now the military wont even take them anymore. Sorry insomnia makes me type 🙂

      1. No, the Republicrats have been responsible for some of the most heinous violations of the right to keep and bear arms. Neither they nor the Demoblicans have any proud record on that point.

        It’s about power, and both of those groups care about power, not about respecting our rights.

  6. Interesting comment from “Snake Head” James Carvile to the Democrats, “back away from the gun control issue” it seems the majority of people who actually vote don’t believe in it. You’d think they would have learned after Clinton tried it and got spanked. IIRC his comment was, “We underestimated the influence of the NRA.” My own feeling is that the Internet has exposed how well gun control works in Chicago, Detroit, and various countries who have gun control.
    I haven’t double checked it but I recently read that Australia has seen a 40% increase in violent crime since they banned firearms. The goblins realize they face little risk in stomping the average person into a mud puddle. Same for England.
    I concur hybrid cars don’t make sense until the battery problem is solved. They are too heavy, they use to expensive materials in them, most of the Lithium in the world comes from Bolivia by the way. There are some promising develops in Nanotechnology as to weigh, longevity, and non rare materials, but the manufacturing process is a very expensive bottle neck.

  7. Let’s pretend you are walking along and discover Mrs. Liberal outside her apartment, which is on fire. She is screaming “save my puppy, it’s still inside”. So without being told to, you volunteer to kick in the front door to what is now an inferno. You fight the flames, risking your very life and save Mrs. Liberals puppy. You carry the puppy out to Mrs. Liberal and breathing heavy and exhausted you hand her the beloved pet. Mrs. Liberal proceeds to chew your ass and kicks you in the ball’s for kicking in her door!

    This is how the liberal mind works…..

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