4 thoughts on ““I’m working on Gun Control Under the Radar.””

  1. That an his appointments that have a gun control record. The joke at the gun stores around here is that they have a shrine to Obama in the back since he has done so much to increase sales. People are getting stuff while they can. I kind of hoped things were getting better, but the online stores for even small parts seem to be out of stock on stuff. I’m on a back order for an oversize EGW firing pin stop that I was going to put a .062 radius on for reduced felt recoil. They wont have inventory until June.

  2. That oversized firing pin stop with a sharp corner radius was the original Browning design.

    Some tard in Army Ordinance screwed with it.

  3. The story I heard was they went to a larger radius to make it easier to rack the slide. Apparently some troopers were thumb cocking it before they racked the slide and that upset some dweeb. A government tradition, misusing technology to overcome a lack of training for over a 100 years. I remember watching a video of a 12 year old girl “sling shooting” a 1911. She grabbed the slide then shoved the frame forward then released the slide.

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