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Dissapointed in the Atom

I’ve decided that I totally hate Netbooks.  This unit is as decked out as you can get it.  Big optional hard drive for storage.  Lots of RAMs running around.  In fact with RAM and HD space, it’s actually just as good as my late Laptop… but that’s where the good points end.  The wireless antenna sucks and gives crap for signal strength, even when within feet of a wireless access point.  But that’s fine, I can live with that.  But what really sucks the most is the little anemic processor.
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My first book

I’ve completed my first book. It’s somewhere between 700-800 pages. 151333 words. I still have to edit it, clean some things up, continuity, and throw in some back stories to some characters… and it’ll be ready to publish. But the book as a whole is done.
After my first editing pass, I’m going to send it out to a small handful of volunteer readers.


So I’m working on editing my book getting it ready for publication.  I’ve come to the conclusion that editing on the screen of a Netbook is far more grinding than editing normally is.  This makes it slow.  As soon as this editing is done, I’ll be working on the cover.  I’m going to do a photo type cover.  Staging, costume, make up… and asking the Utah National Guard for the use of some Military Assets.

As soon as I can finish the editing.   I hate editing.   I hate editing on a Netbook at least 3 times as much.

One of my favorite reads, for free.

Got a message from my good friend and author Marcus Wynne.  He is offering up his first book for free.  I’ve spoken of Marcus’ works in the past.  He is an extraordinary writer of gritty action, and I enjoy his writing a great deal.  It’s actually his fault entirely that I’ve been jonesing hard for a Browning High Power.

The book is NO OTHER OPTION.  To get the book for free, use code:  KU25Y

If I could pick 5 authors to back me up in a fight, Marcus would be in that small group.  That means he knows what it is that he’s talking about.  Authentic knowledge.  Marcus knows of which he speaks.  He has been there, done that.  He could be one scary dude if you didn’t know him.  But he’s a great guy and one of the most noble men I know.  Get his book.  Read it.  The get all his others.

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Required Reading: The Book of Two Guns.

The Book of Two Guns, by Tiger McKee.  “The Martial Art of the 1911 pistol and AR Carbine”

Tiger sent me an autographed copy of his book.

It’s a very interesting book.  I’ve not seen a book like this in years.  It’s not just written by Tiger, but its actually written by Tiger.  As in Hand Written.  Pen and Ink.  The man has very good handwriting I have to say.   This makes the book very personal, and you can hear his voice as you read it… that slow, calm, southern drawl.

More importantly, this is a very good look at the use of these weapons… and many principles carry over to other weapons as well.  So Don’t think if you roll with Glocks and AK’s you wouldn’t get anything out of this book.  I’m considering this book to be Required Reading.