So I’m working on editing my book getting it ready for publication.  I’ve come to the conclusion that editing on the screen of a Netbook is far more grinding than editing normally is.  This makes it slow.  As soon as this editing is done, I’ll be working on the cover.  I’m going to do a photo type cover.  Staging, costume, make up… and asking the Utah National Guard for the use of some Military Assets.

As soon as I can finish the editing.   I hate editing.   I hate editing on a Netbook at least 3 times as much.

6 thoughts on “Editing”

  1. I’m right there with ya, Ogre. Editing stinks. I do have a tip, though: I can’t edit at all on a computer screen, so I print off my manuscript, mark the edits on the print copy, and then go back and plug the changes into the computer.

    But hey, it could be worse: you could’ve written it on a typewriter…

  2. If you do get an external keyboard, I suggest the ultra thin Logitech illuminated keyboard. It has LED back lighting that is adjustable. It is great for typing in low light and it’s even useful during the day. I used an Apple keyboard at work for awhile and I like this one better. Watch Amazon for a good price.

  3. Editing is easier and much more thorough if you’re reading from paper. There’s something about reading from a screen that makes you miss more things.

  4. I finally hired out the editing for my military sci-fi book, found a gal in NY on line at an editing website and it was a great spend for $600. You can see the results at (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT) on Amazon Kindle, “Recon of Worlds” by Craig Sarver…

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