3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Larry Correia!”

  1. I’m reading it now. I’m pleased by how easy to read it is. The last book I read was “The Penultimate Truth” Phillip K. Dick, and it took forever to slog though.

    MHI is very well paced and fun.

  2. Going to have to order the rest of his books.

    Me and my son are addicted. Loved MHI.

    Can’t wait to read the rest of Hard Magic.

    Got to order the new Marcus Wynne books too.

    Then there is the huge stack of Vince Flynn I’ve yet to read.

    I’d like to read Atlas Shrugged before I see the movie too…

  3. I think poor Larry may have blown it. Had he skipped the contract with the dead tree publisher, hired his own art and editor and gone Kindle, he might be rich enough to afford a Python by now!

    Who bought MHI, still thought it was way too much, which is the style now, but still….sigh.

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