19789999“One of the problems that we see…”  – Anonymous Firearms Instructor.

I’ve heard that phrase a lot by different Instructors.  (I’m not going to name names)  What follows this is an explanation as to how everyone else in the world is wrong because they do something slightly different than the way this instructor teaches.  It’s not a “Problem”.  It’s just different from your Kung-Fu.  There’s nothing wrong.  Nothing dangerous.  Nothing inherently slower.  Different isn’t a Problem.

Some instructors seem to think that students are paying money to learn to be just like them, to learn their Trade Mark Visual Style. Yet they never seem to be able to explain why they are doing something a certain way or how their technique is an improvement over what you are already doing.

A good instructor should be able to Teach the Technique and Explain it from start to finish with their reasons and rational behind it.  That’s the mark of a good instructor.  Or at least one of them.

I’m going to throw out a couple names here.  I could name a bunch, but I’ll pick just two.   Travis Haley.  Rob Pincus.  These two guys are pushing the bleeding edge of Firearms Training, and both are very excellent at explaining a technique and the reasons for it.   Now, both of these guys come from different backgrounds and have different techniques for doing things.  So which one is right?  They are both right, because neither one of them are wrong.  Both offer exceptional training and education.  Both are well worth listening to.  And Both are who I consider the the best Trainers in the industry.  Because they both look at problem from different perspectives, think them through based on experiences, and have come up with their own solutions for them.  Neither have watched other people’s training videos and ape them like they are reciting ritual without understanding the reasons for the technique.

Sopranos Health Care

tony-sopranoIt started out as Free Health Care.  That whipped the unwashed, low information masses into a frenzy.  Got a lot of people in on this idea. Garnered a lot of support.  Then they changed it bit by bit.  “You can keep your old plan.”  And “You can keep your same Doctor.”  While never telling anyone that in fact, no, it’s not free.

Then it turned into something else… Like something out of the Sopranos.  It’s more like, “So, you’re gunna buy this health care policy.  You have until the end of the year.  Or else.”

Unless your part of The Family.  Then you get exemptions. It’s universal for everyone else.

This is like a Mafia style Protection Racket.  It’s not lowering the cost of anything.  In fact, for most everyone, it’s more expensive.  A lot more expensive.

I fully expect to hear Joe Biden come out and say “That’s a nice Health Care Plan you have there… I’d hate to see anything happen to it.”


I hate Conspiracy Theories…

Some of the biggest and most asinine conspiracy theories out there are really getting on my nerves.

9-11-01. The Government was in on it.
No, It wasnt. 9-11 happened because everyone was asleep at the wheel. Flight Instructors to Federal Agents. All the signs were there and nobody said anything. Interagency communication wasnt happening. No one really cared because it was a different world at the time. No could actually imagine such a thing really happening.

The Colorado Theater Shooter was a false flag attack. No. The Government doesnt need to randomly kill people… unless they dont obey the Capitol Police in DC… That was an act of an individual who went crazy. Probably did some drugs. Lost his mind. Whatever happened to him, there was no Smoking Man behind it. It wasnt a False Flag Attack. That catch phrase has been used, forgive the pun, to death and its not been the case.

FEMA Rail Cars in Wyoming. If you’ve not heard this one…. FEMA has prison rail cars to tranport prisoners to concentration camps, and they keep them hidden in Wyoming. Or Montana. Ive heard both. They often show a picture of an automobile transport railcar, which is unusual looking. They say the railcar is full of shackles welded inside. This is ludicrous. While FEMA does have refugee camps ready for use in the next Katrina Incident, they are not planning on Red Dawn Like Prison Camps for those of different opinions. They would have to imprison half the population. If such rail cars existed… as described… the people of Wyoming would burn them down to the tracks.

FEMA Coffins. Only partially right. They are grave liners that coffins go into. But its not FEMA behind these , its Morticians. And its not a conspiracy, its commercial business. Go ask a Mortician. Or not… because one day you will see for yourself. But it’s a nice conspiracy… The Government is going to bury everyone in nice sealed coffins now instead of the common mass graves. Thats American Exceptionalism at work right there.

Why Spam this?

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A lot of spam is out there to sell something… I got this spam this morning.

Oh, I deleted it as spam, because that’s just what I do, but I am also fond of the GTI, so I took a look.  1 Thread, 1 Post.  This is the most useless spam I’ve ever seen.  I just had to laugh.  This is spam, just for the sake of spam.

Revolution or Civil War?

There is a difference between a Revolution and a Civil War in America. And I’ve heard a lot of Civil War talk being thrown out. Civil War is something that we absolutely do not want. It’s the ugliest of conflicts on ever level. However a Revolution is something that can actually have a positive outcome if done correctly.

Let’s look at a couple Revolutions that were deemed a success… The American Revolution and the French Revolution.

The French Revolution, was successful in it’s goal, was an absolute disaster for the country. The public beheadings was a horror show that should never be repeated in a civilized nation. They decapitated those that knew how to take care of institutions and infrastructure that basically set France back when they should have been stepping forward.

The American Revolution, is a good example of how to conduct as clean and efficient of a revolution as possible. When the political ties were broken, the replacements were already in place or planned. And time was taken to properly establish the new Government. This was not without resistance, and conflict quickly arose. In fact, the conflict had already started before a Revolution was declared. The famous “Shot heard round the World” was the unofficial start of it, and after that, it was debated weather or not it was a revolution or “An Isolated Incident”.

Right now, millions of people are waiting for another Shot heard round the World. The tension is in the air. The lines are drawn. However some people have not picked which side of those lines they are on.

To all members of the Military and Federal Law Enforcement.

Consider his is an Open Letter to all members of the Military and Federal Law Enforcement at every level.

What we are seeing is blatant tyranny by the Federal Government over The People. One National Park Service Officer said that he found the orders to be “Disgusting”. I agree. But I also found it to be even more disgusting that while this man knew what he was doing was wrong, that his orders were wrong, that he carried them out regardless. That is disgusting. Shameful.

You are serving as the tools of Tyranny. Never before has our nations very symbols of freedom been closed to the public. Never before has the government sought to hurt the American People so directly. The Lincoln Memorial is but a symbol. So is our Nation’s Flag. The Flag sewn to the shoulders of your uniforms, the flag that you salute, and the flat that you pledged your allegiance to… What does it mean to you? Anything at all anymore? Or is it just a source of your Pay Check while you say to yourself, “better them than I”?
Throw down the Barricades at the National Monuments. Refuse to follow these outrageous orders. Let The People enter the Capitol and let their grievances be heard.

Remember your Oaths.

Open the Barricades.


They keep using that word.  I do not think it means what they think it means.

The Government is Shut Down.  The biggest problem that I have with this is that they will eventually Re-Open.  And that’s regrettable, however inevitable.  Many things have shut down.  Parks and Panda-Cams.  Monuments and Mountains.  Everything that they deem as Non-Essential.  Essential things are of course still working.  Soldier’s are still getting paid, and other things too important to stop.  That’s fine.  But this gives us an opportunity.  We now have a Water Line for Government Services.

I submit that everything that is Shut Down should be examined.  Is it really something that serves a valuable and necessary function or service?  If not, and no one is really missing it, then why have it at all?  And is this something that should be apart of the Federal Government?
Or should it be rolled back to a State Government?
Or should it be Privatized?

The Panda-Cam at the National Zoo.  Privatize that Zoo.  Privatize the Department of Education?  No… That should be on the shoulders of the States.  Grand Canyon?  State.  Dinosaur National Monument?  States? Colorado and Utah working together?  That’s not going to happen… they can’t even join Highway 40 together right – PRIVATIZE that shit.
I’m of the opinion that anything the Government can’t do better – should be done Privately.  I’m also of the opinion that everything that is Not Essential – Should be Privatized.   If it couldn’t be sustain through a Private firm’s management, then contract Halliburton or something to operate it.   Freaking Girls Scouts can run a business better than The Feds.
Just look at the SNAFU that is Obamacare on the first day of operation.  The Feds should stay out of it.  We’ll all be riding horses if they get their tentacles into Auto Insurance as they have Health Insurance.  (No need to mention how they have fucked up Flood Insurance too)