I hate Conspiracy Theories…

Some of the biggest and most asinine conspiracy theories out there are really getting on my nerves.

9-11-01. The Government was in on it.
No, It wasnt. 9-11 happened because everyone was asleep at the wheel. Flight Instructors to Federal Agents. All the signs were there and nobody said anything. Interagency communication wasnt happening. No one really cared because it was a different world at the time. No could actually imagine such a thing really happening.

The Colorado Theater Shooter was a false flag attack. No. The Government doesnt need to randomly kill people… unless they dont obey the Capitol Police in DC… That was an act of an individual who went crazy. Probably did some drugs. Lost his mind. Whatever happened to him, there was no Smoking Man behind it. It wasnt a False Flag Attack. That catch phrase has been used, forgive the pun, to death and its not been the case.

FEMA Rail Cars in Wyoming. If you’ve not heard this one…. FEMA has prison rail cars to tranport prisoners to concentration camps, and they keep them hidden in Wyoming. Or Montana. Ive heard both. They often show a picture of an automobile transport railcar, which is unusual looking. They say the railcar is full of shackles welded inside. This is ludicrous. While FEMA does have refugee camps ready for use in the next Katrina Incident, they are not planning on Red Dawn Like Prison Camps for those of different opinions. They would have to imprison half the population. If such rail cars existed… as described… the people of Wyoming would burn them down to the tracks.

FEMA Coffins. Only partially right. They are grave liners that coffins go into. But its not FEMA behind these , its Morticians. And its not a conspiracy, its commercial business. Go ask a Mortician. Or not… because one day you will see for yourself. But it’s a nice conspiracy… The Government is going to bury everyone in nice sealed coffins now instead of the common mass graves. Thats American Exceptionalism at work right there.

17 thoughts on “I hate Conspiracy Theories…”

  1. Okay, so what brought this on? What outlandish horseshit CT have you heard recently? Tell us so we can enjoy poking holes in it.

  2. Bring Forth the Substance of this foul deviltry, and let us abate this noisome conundrum with haste.

  3. I have personally checked out some of Alex Jones’s claims that FEMA prison rail cars were staged for rapid use in Asheville, NC. I saw the photos and knew the area so I checked it out. The rail cars with shackles were there sure enough but hardly FEMA. It was a rolling Holocaust museum that displayed old Nazi rail cars that had delivered Jews to the concentration camps. It was clearly labeled as that and there was no way an honest person could confuse it with a FEMA prison train. It was purely and purposely overblown and lied about. After that I am extra skeptical myself especially if comes from that pompous turd Alex Jones or any of his screeching buddies. the danger of that is that if there ever is something real of that nature, I’ll probably ignore it till its too late

  4. Oh, sure…you’re a regular doubting Thomas and Mr. Know-it-all rolled into one! Well, what about the black helicopters that followed me from the gun show last spring???

  5. Someone could even claim that a few folks /did/ know that the September 11th attacks would happen. It’s not unreasonable that a small number of individuals could have known about that and suppressed the information because there was political advantage to a major terrorist attack occurring on American soil.

    Heck, some small number of individuals within the government could have actually helped make it happen.

    Not saying that either actually happened, but it’s not insane to believe that they could have, and that there might be evidence to support that theory, somewhere. Both are in-line with the sort of things this government has done, or is at least capable of doing. A small enough group could actually keep a secret.

    What’s crazy is this idea that there was some multi-thousand-individual conspiracy to mine the WTC with explosives (et cetera, et cetera), and that not one individual within that conspiracy has talked. A handful can keep silence, but anything more than that, and there will be someone with loose lips.

    A conspiracy theory is not unreasonable, if it supposes a conspiracy that is realistically-possible (ie, quite small). A conspiracy theory that requires a massive conspiracy which could never work in the real world is the product of a paranoid delusion. I’ll listen if someone wants to suggest realistic conspiracies, because they do occasionally occur (but the burden of proof will be on the individual making the claim). I have no time to waste on listening to someone’s paranoid delusions.

    1. When Astronauts from other countries were sending back photos of our lunar landing sites… that pretty much ends the Conspiracy questions. Those that still believe that are just fucking stupid.

  6. Conspiracy Theories flourish when lies and secrecy are the order of the day. When we cannot trust our government or the news media to tell us the truth, when the facts are ignored and distorted to fit the official explanation of events, when the people are refused a full and proper accounting of the facts, then stories rise up to fill the gaps in our knowledge. It may not be right, but it is all too human.

    After the Oklahoma Bombing the .gov said there were no threats to any US Federal buildings the entire week preceding the bombing (Janet Reno press conference hours after the bombing). Yet the Friday before I stood and watched a flight of Huey’s run towards downtown Detroit from Selfridge ANGB. I heard directly from people stationed there (including the PIO) that it was an EOD team responding to a threat to the McNamara building in Detroit. I later learned that the bomb squads from Detroit PD, Wayne County SD and the Michigan State Police were all sitting on their butts mere blocks away and received no calls. Odder still, policy (at least at the time) was that EOD was never called for such responses unless local LE’s were unavailable or it was suspected military ordinance. Coupled with the large numbers of other inconsistencies in the OKC bombing this had led me to disbelieve the .gov story about the bombing.

    Am I a “Conspiracy Theorist”? No, I don’t know what happened and I do not pretend knowledge I do not have. I do not know if the .gov is hiding criminal activity or simple incompetence or are too lazy to find the truth, I simply know that their story does not match facts I know to be true. I also know that the .gov has a long history of lying to the public and getting a willing media to carry their water, a lifetimes association with Green Berets, SEAL’s and Intelligence personnel has much to do with my feelings. I also know that even if someone who was involved in nefarious activities on behalf or the .gov or its agencies tried to spill the beans they would, A) wind up dead, or B) get lumped in with the nut-jobs and tin-foil wearers, so where is the incentive to speak? The truth won’t set them free but keeping the lie might keep them alive.

    I understand your feelings but I also understand why people gravitate to the other end of the spectrum.

  7. I love Alex Jones. I don’t listen to him regularly, but I’ve seen some of his documentaries and youtube stuff. I think he is a sincere patriot and has exposed a lot of truth that would otherwise have remained hidden, but I also believe he comes to the wrong conclusion sometimes, the coffin liners being a good example.

    It would be pretty naive to believe that there aren’t people in positions of power conspiring to get money and gain more power at the expense of the wealth and freedom of the people. Secret combinations have plagued mankind from the time Cain made a deal with the devil and killed Abel. Alex has exposed a lot of evidence and gives a voice to a lot of whistleblowers. Along the way he comes up with some dubious conclusions, but I won’t just ignore the evidence because he comes up with bad conclusions on occasion.

  8. I’m sorry but once someone ruins their credibility by running patently false stories, I can’t listen to anything that comes out of their pie holes anymore. I don’t care if they get most thing right, they are lying sacks of shit for knowingly making false statements to further an agenda. Alex Jones is one prime example. His bullshit is no better than the lies being spewed by the left. Fact check, damnit, don’t resort to sensationalism and bullshit, the truth is bad enough. There is no excuse for lying.

    I get so tired to listening to these theories.

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