Top 10 New Cars I’d kill to Own

Since the NSA is reading everything I write, this is The List.  If our Government needs someone wacked, buy me a Warehouse, someplace secluded, near Wilmington, NC, and park one of Each in it for me.  Licensed and Insured for Life, and I’ll go Terminator on any target in any country:

10.  Porsche Cayman S.   Probably Porsche’s best sports car they have ever made.

9.  Cadillac CTS-V.  Cadillac’s middle finger to BMW.  It’s beautiful, powerful, handles like a tactical weapon, and the only downsides according to Top Gear is that it’s not British.

8.  Ford F-150 4 Door RAPTOR.  Because brute force needs to be all terrain sometimes.

7.  Mazda  Mazdaspeed3.  The 2.5 Liter version, with a manual.  I like the Hot Hatch category of cars, and remember with fondness the VW GTI I once had. However the new Golf GTI’s are sad and don’t have that edgy seat of the pants feel.  The Mazdaspeed3 does.  I think it’s the best looking of the hot hatch bunch too.

6.  Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport, with a Supercharged 510-hp 5.0-liter V-8.   It does everything very well, it’s fast, and it looks down it’s nose at all other SUV’s.  And it’s one of the coolest looking SUV’s I’ve ever seen.

5.  Audi RS7.  The straight up pissed off version of the A7.  Twin Turbo, V-8 in the most powerful sedan Audi will let us Americans buy.  And it’s the best looking Audi I’ve ever seen.  I saw one in Wilmington and it was like a vision of power and glory.  It slid past me on the highway like it was a shark on land.

4.  Ford Mustang GT500.  Part of me has always loved the Mustang’s looks.  I find faults with them as well, some faults I’ve not been able to overcome, but the latest GT500 cross the line and it’s become one of those cars that has to go on this list.  Steven McQueen would have this car.

3.   Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.  Because Hemi.  It’s a Hot Rod.  Its fast and angry and sexy as hell and apologetically so.

2.  Subaru BRZ.  One of the most True Sports Cars ever made.  I would have to have an extra 10 grand for upgrades, because it has a lot of potential that is waiting to be tapped.

1.  The Corvette Stingray.  I’ve always disliked the Corvettes for one reason or another.  But the latest Stingray just does everything so Spot On.  It’s performance and styling are on point, but more than any other Vette, the interior is done right now too.  If you could image sitting in a Space Fighter – that’s the Vette.  The dream of the Flying Cars in the 50’s is realized in the Stingray.

It’s really hard to do JUST a Top 10.  So I’m going to add a couple that are default and not negotiable.  

Chevy SS.  Basically an imported Holden from Oz.  Nothing wrong with that is the formula works.  Simple car, huge engine.  This is the modern iteration of the classic Muscle Car, done well.  I love the new 2014 Impala, but it lacks the vigor that the name plate should have.  This however, has some of the same styling touches that I liked about the Impala, used those and then stuffed it with power, insanity, and malice.  This car should be a Police Car is about 4 months from now… It has more room than the popular Chargers which actually make for very poor police cars due to the lack of room inside.  Ford’s SHO is nice, but it’s front wheel drive.  The SS just might be the last of the big american V-8 up front, turning the wheels at the back… The last of the American Muscle Cars.

A Unimog.  In a 4 Door van configuration.  Like this, for example.  This would probably be my Zombi Apocalypse rig.  Able to roll over and through just about anything out there. Just the big “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” approach to any situation that doesn’t require going fast.  It’s available in just about any configuration, for any job that has you going away from pavement.  Or rational thought.  It’s the AK-47 of Trucks.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 New Cars I’d kill to Own”

  1. George. my daily drive is a pretty heavily modified 2008 Mazdaspeed 3. I love the look of the new restyled 2014 Mazda 3.

    However, to my knowledge there is no Mazdaspeed version for 2014. I hope Mazda releases one. Talk on the Mazda forums I’m a member of suggest that Mazda is considering a normally aspirated small displacement engine for the replacement. That would destroy the Mazda enthusiast community.

    The current 2007-2013 “Speed3” is based on a 2.3L turbocharged intercooled direct injection engine and 6 speed manual transmission, limited slip differential FWD layout. This has proven wildly successful. Beginning with more than 250 horsepower and 300 ft. lbs. of torque, it is easy with simple aftermarket bolt on parts and safe ECU remapping to up that power by 100 more horses.

    I know. I am running 13.2 quarter mile times at 108 mph on a car with almost 90,000 miles.

    Breaking distances are up there close to Corvette range and handling is superb for such an inexpensive car.

    This is the most fun for the dollar, at around $25k new and less than $2000 in aftermarket add-ons.

    Get another hot hatch. Hopefully there will be a 2014 Speed3 with the 2.3 turbo engine still under the hood. While the normally aspirated 2.5 is nice, it will be way down on power, and not nearly as easy to bump up power without spending big bucks.

  2. I looked at the ’14 Mazda 3 a few days ago. The salesman told me they won’t sell them yet, too many ’13s on the lot to move first. :S:S:S I hate the Mazda Smile, one reason I wanted to check out the ’14. The 3 may be a touch too small for me, but there’s not much out there in a hatchback that I like.

    As for the new Corvette, well, I really want to like the car… that back end is just fugly, though.

    1. I’m with you on the stupid smile-grin, guppy front end on the 2010-2013 Mazda 3 and Speed 3. I have the earlier and more “normal” looking car. I’d like to see a 2014 Speed 3 offered. I might trade up to one, but not for an anemic (by comparison) powertrain.

  3. No arguments from me on ANY car on this list.
    CTS-V, mine would be the wagon, I just want to smoke 90% of the corvettes in a wagon, with a 6 speed.
    My Audi would be the A8 with the V10 turbo diesel, just because the Germans say no. That and I love oil burners. Something about filling the car out of the house heating tank makes me smile.
    Lord won’t you buy me a Raptor… Any Raptor even used.
    I have been looking at Unimogs hard for about three years. PTO driven winch, and tons of implements. From front end loaders, to what ever you can dream up. I think I saw a log splitter for one of these babies. It’s a tool Honey, not just transportation.
    Great list. I won’t even bitch about a Jeep being on it…

  4. I really want to see Mazda produce a stretch Miata, with the RX style body and the Aluminum block V-6 from Ford. Kiss your 500 GT goodbye for 1/2 the $.
    Who is commuting in a Honda Fit Sport. More power and sophistication than my 1980 Dodge Colt RS 8-speed, heck of a lot more weight too.

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