They keep using that word.  I do not think it means what they think it means.

The Government is Shut Down.  The biggest problem that I have with this is that they will eventually Re-Open.  And that’s regrettable, however inevitable.  Many things have shut down.  Parks and Panda-Cams.  Monuments and Mountains.  Everything that they deem as Non-Essential.  Essential things are of course still working.  Soldier’s are still getting paid, and other things too important to stop.  That’s fine.  But this gives us an opportunity.  We now have a Water Line for Government Services.

I submit that everything that is Shut Down should be examined.  Is it really something that serves a valuable and necessary function or service?  If not, and no one is really missing it, then why have it at all?  And is this something that should be apart of the Federal Government?
Or should it be rolled back to a State Government?
Or should it be Privatized?

The Panda-Cam at the National Zoo.  Privatize that Zoo.  Privatize the Department of Education?  No… That should be on the shoulders of the States.  Grand Canyon?  State.  Dinosaur National Monument?  States? Colorado and Utah working together?  That’s not going to happen… they can’t even join Highway 40 together right – PRIVATIZE that shit.
I’m of the opinion that anything the Government can’t do better – should be done Privately.  I’m also of the opinion that everything that is Not Essential – Should be Privatized.   If it couldn’t be sustain through a Private firm’s management, then contract Halliburton or something to operate it.   Freaking Girls Scouts can run a business better than The Feds.
Just look at the SNAFU that is Obamacare on the first day of operation.  The Feds should stay out of it.  We’ll all be riding horses if they get their tentacles into Auto Insurance as they have Health Insurance.  (No need to mention how they have fucked up Flood Insurance too)

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  1. I completely concur on with you on privatization. And, it goes for states too. Texas has a tax on all outdoor sporting equipment sold in the state to fund the state parks. Yet, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (agency in charge of said parks) is always lower than what that tax takes in.

    Then you have the feds actively working against private groups in parks. A local group had contracted with the Army Corps of Engineers to run several parks and build improvements in them with the proceeds from admissions. These were very nice little parks. But, somebody in Washington decided that it wasn’t right and canceled their contract. Now, the Corps doesn’t even have anybody to collect admissions, much less take care of these parks.

  2. They never will, down size that is; the “bloat” the sheer size is the power they will never give up voluntarily, it’s how they keep their slave base and us under control by demanding tribute to pay for it all, or else! It’s like a metatizing (sp?) cancer, until it’s hit with high rads it will just keep growing. There is little choice in stopping it, we are farrrrrr past talking it down and to not deal with it with whatever tools it takes dooms us and all future generations in terms of any vestiges of freedom. This is like one of those key dates in history, forks in the road if you will, you read (will read) about in history books, think fall of the USSR. The country may very well in the end break up into smaller sections, Texas state gov is making plans for just such a happening….

  3. If Obamacare can’t be repealled then why not try a simple ammendment to it?
    Remove all the waivers. Then sit back and watch how many of its (and Obama’s) supporters cry foul.
    Even just proposing it in congress could trigger some interesting reactions.

  4. Has been proposed and voted down in the Senate on a pure party line vote, democrats of course. Any change not done by POS order (illegal under the constitution but not anything done about him) has to be voted on in the congress. Commie dems will never vote against Pres for life islams child…

  5. Great article. I like that some are calling it a Slimdown. I’m usually the first to say that this is hopeless and that left and right will vote their jobs back and get back to expanding the govt, which they will.
    But I think this exercise wasn’t all just for show. It’s provided some real hope that one day, this will be reality and we will be forced down this road. So the country needs to experience this once in a while to get used to it. Kind of like having to live on food storage for a couple days as a test.

  6. Ogre,

    We should get to pro-rate the days the government is shutdown and deduct that amount form our taxes.

    When the petition part of is back up I’ll put it in and send you a link.

    Scott S.

  7. You think many things should be privatized yet hate the ACA. Why? All it amounts to is requiring citizens to purchase a commercial product. The insurance companies are loving this, all the way to the bank.

    1. Yes, because the health care system was working and not costing thousands of people their jobs. It wasn’t perfect, but the solution of giving it a total viking funeral is just retarded.
      My family of 8 – my Obamacare cost is more than I make.

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