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Might not be a popular concept, but it pans out. The wicked taketh the truth to be hard. 
Working with vets suffering from PTSD showed me very clearly that Servicemen who had faith, then went through the trauma and lost it – are truly at great risk. Having faith to begin with helps a great deal. Because there is a huge aspect of Self Worth for the individual soldier and faith helps one feel his self worth. Doesn’t matter what your faith is – You don’t have to be issued a religion. But a Belief is powerful here. I think a great many fall because The Adversary tears a marine’s or soldier’s faith down, then tears down their self worth… then he has them. If they keep the faith, then that armor protects them.
Now the Adversary wants to regulate the Faith out of the Soldiers and Marines.  Which is only going to result in more suicides, more pharmaceutical treatments, more mental health cases that cause loss of gun rights and more institutionalization where all of it could have been taken care of with Faith.

Shooting fast

There is a tidal movement to shooting pistols as quickly as possible.   Instructors and wannabe “Know It Alls” are using 9mm to accomplish this.  More bullets, smaller and lighter… rapid fire.  This movement was very slow at first.  Then The Art Of The Dynamic Handgun video came out.  Haley and Costa rocking those M&P’s like they were SMG’s looked cool.  Then all the sudden everyone wanted to shoot like that.  Who wouldn’t?  Those guys look like rock stars doing it.
Some instructors I know have been teaching that stuff for some time, but MagPul videos really did open the flood gates.
I understand the arguments and theory surrounding the use of 9mm and shooting fast… and that’s all fine and well.  I can shoot that way myself if I want to… Even with a .40.  However, I find myself moving more and more to bigger and harder hitting rounds.  Slower fire but well aimed.  Heavier for caliber load selections, bigger bullets, make the shots count.  Shooting the 9mm’s the other day… 9mm Just doesn’t do it for me.  Oh, I know all about the Modern Ammo.  You know what?  That Modern Ammo is really good in bigger calibers too.

Yes, I know all about Ballistic Gel Penetration comparisons.  However that isn’t the whole picture when it comes to wound trauma and terminal ballistics.  It’s not the whole picture when it comes to barrier penetration and deflection.  Those Gel numbers are engineered, people.  The results are just what the ammo companies want you to see.  To get those numbers some loads are hopped and the others are neutered.  Some rounds open more and others slower so those penetration numbers look great in the gel tests.  Again – these Gel results are engineered to show just those results.  Why?  To sell ammo of course.  “See, our 9mm is just as good as the rest.”

Porsche does the same with their sports cars.  Boxster, Caymen, 911.  The Caymen being detuned to fall perfectly in between the two other cars… when it has all the potential to beat the 911.  But that’s another story.

I remember an incident where 9mm pistols were being fired at a windshield… the bullets were glancing off.  One round of .45 Auto, fired by a steady hand penetrated that windshield and ended the situation.  There are also incidents of 9mm failing to really even jostle a maniac when it impacted.  FBI Miami Dade, anyone?  Bank of American LA, anyone?  The search for Magic Bullets is now as it has always been, an attempt to find a Unicorn.  Don’t glue a paper cone on the head of a goat and tell me that’s its a Unicorn.  I’m not buying it.  Not even if you run a whole herd of them past me as fast as possible.  They still look like goats with paper cones on their heads.

As far as “Fast” goes, fast is good.  But fast follow up shots are not as important in a gun fight as the first round.  That first shot is the most important shot you will take in any engagement.  It needs to be made fast.  But not at the sacrifice of accuracy.  Shot Placement remains critical.  Using a smaller round that can be fired at a higher cadence, if that’s your beat, that’s fine.  I’m more Heavy Metal than Techno.  I’d rather have slower heavier beats.  See, I hear so many guys say, yeah but I’m more accurate with 9mm.  I call bullshit.  I’ve seen many guys who advocate shooting as fast as possible… cant keep a group.  Why?  Because they are losing the front sight and jerking that trigger like a 14 year old with a Playboy… They are giving up the Fundamentals in favor of Rapid.

Bullets hitting tissue is a rather predictable science.  The only variables are the vector through the anatomy and the barriers the projectile have to penetrate before hitting that anatomy.  The bullets all pretty much have the same effect.  Displacing fluid (like rocks hitting water) and tearing and pulverizing the permanent wound channel.  Bigger heavier rocks displace more fluid.  That’s just a fact.  Try it out at your closest body of water.  That water gets displaced and then it comes back.  In water, you have some cavitation effect briefly and what is left is the permanent wound channel that allows blood to flow out.  The bigger the whole, and the more torn up that wound channel is, the more blood is going to flow out.  That’s just a fact.  And ask any hunter, the more blood you have flowing out, the less you have to track that deer.  You put that wound channel vectoring through a heart, or CNS… Winner Winner Venison Dinner.  That is meat on the table.  For a defensive situation, that’s a Resolved Problem.

But then there is another problem.  The fact of the matter is that no matter what school of thought you have – you remain legally liable for each and every round you fire.   So I’m going to slow it down a notch.  Fire a bigger and heavier bullet.  And make sure those rounds go where I want them to go.

I know a few guys that can fire super fast, with accuracy.  A few.  And I’m not saying they should change… because that is working for them.  But I’m just not feeling it myself using small calibers.  I’m following Sun Tzu here.  “Hit first, and hit so hard your enemy can’t hit back.

Sure, all handguns are less ideal than rifles or shotguns… but some are better than others.  I’ll take my .40 calibers with my 180 grain loads.  I’ll take my .45’s with 230 grain loads (when I used to prefer 185’s) 

I think instead of drilling so much on Balance of Speed and Accuracy drills…   I think more emphasis should be on the drills from the holster to the target from a Buzzer.  Because that shot… that first shot right there is the key.  You have to be fast on that shot.  Before the threat can shoot you back or get to you with a knife, or cut the throat of a hostage or whatever reason you have that justifies the use of deadly force.  I want to make the most of that first shot.   I’m not looking at Gun Fight Averages here.  Because most gun fights are 1 point something average or 2 point something.  You know what they all have in common?  That first shot.

Make the most of it.

Testing Guns

I hear and read the word “Testing” a lot in the gun community.
Stop it.
That word does not mean what you think it means.
You are not testing anything that hasn’t been tested already a million times over.  “Trying it out” or “Plinking” or “Blowing shit up” are usually the more accurate terms rather than testing.   They just don’t sound as self important.  To some guys, every time they thumb a round into a magazine, they are “Testing”.  No… No you are not.  You are not applying any Scientific Method, recording results, or following any metric to make any comparison to anything else other than the last shot you fired, which was probably from a different stance with a different grip at a different empty Mt. Dew bottle.
Testing is boring.  It is all about observation and control and measurement.   Running your mags dry as rapidly as you can generally only turns money into noise and yields little scientific results.
Some guys hate the use of the word Clip.  Well, we misuse the word Test a lot more and I’m starting to hate that too.   I love how someone is doing an “Accuracy Test” yet only fire Remington UMC FMJ ammo.  And then they do so free hand.  You want to test accuracy?  Really test accuracy?  Read any article by Charles Petty.  Look how he does it.  He uses a Ransom Rest quite often, or when not available, sandbags the pistol in an effort to remove as much human error as possible.  And then he fires controlled groups using 5 or more different loads.  That is a test.  That is boring as shit, but that is a test and that’s how you do it.  As much as his articles are as thrilling as a Restaurant’s Menu, the information is good and solid because the man knows how to run a test.
I’ve read too many reviews from guys who should know better, who test accuracy and reliability with only 1 box of ammo.  Just because your gun doesn’t like Remington UMC ammo doesn’t mean the gun is second rate.  It only proves Remington UMC ammo is shit.  I’ve had better consistency with Tula ammo.  And don’t give me “Well if the gun can’t run UMC” line.  Because crap ammo is crap ammo and has no bearing on the accuracy or reliability of the gun.  Guns are Ammo dependent and are only as good as the ammo you run in them.   In other words, if you are testing Crap, you are only running a Crap test.

This is why there are so many arguments on the Gun Forums about a gun.  Because no one is Testing.  Your experience with a Firearm and 1 box of ammo is too small of a sample size to base any judgement on.  Don’t fool yourself.  You have an Opinion based on a First Impression.  Nothing more.  Such a limited experience trying out the gun that belongs to a friend of a friend who let you run a Magazine or Two only gives you an impression based on whatever ammo  he had in that caliber.   And usually guys out shooting are not shooting “The Good Stuff”.   But don’t tell everyone that you “tested” it.  You got an Impression and nothing more.

Don’t get me wrong, guys.  There are many suspicious Mt. Dew Bottles out there that need to be shot.  That’s fine.  Just don’t call it ”Testing”.


There are differences between Utah and the East Coast.

1.  Pretty Girls Riding Bicycles and Smiling.  If you drive around Emerald Island, or pretty much anywhere along the East Coast that I’ve seen… you will see Pretty Girls riding bicycles.  They are all over the place.  And every one of them is smiling.  At first I thought this was lovely, but the consistency has become disturbing.  There is something Stepford’ish going on here.  I don’t trust it.  I stopped at a Stop Sign waiting for traffic when one of these Stepford Girls rode up and stopped next to me.  She said “Hi” and smiled.  She was gorgeous.  I screamed and drove off in a cloud of tire smoke.

2.  If you buy Grits and the Grocery Store the Cashier doesn’t look at you funny.

3.  They have Grits at the Grocery Store.   The real stuff.  Not Quaker Instant.

4.  BBQ is a Serious thing and it’s not to be taken lightly.  Do not – Do NOT – ask for Ketchup at a BBQ place.  I witnessed this happen to a guy who had New Jersey plates on his car.  The establishment’s Pit Master damn near jumped the counter.  No, I mean he was half way over when other people in the kitchen caught him and dragged him back.  I believe this is where the term “Ruckus” comes from.  The New Jersey Guy was ordered to leave or he’d be thrown on the grill next.  He left.  Very quickly.
Also, going along with this… Don’t be from another region and try to boast that your region’s BBQ is better than the one you are in.  You just eat your BBQ in the manner of the locals and shut your dirty heathen mouth.

5.  People will Abide.  In Utah, people are always in a rush.  No matter where or when, they are always in a rush.  No one just takes a moment to enjoy where they are at.  If there isn’t something going on, their noses are in some Electronic Device.   Here on the Coast, I’m seeing people just kicking back, taking in the awesomeness of their surroundings.  I did this myself.  Just sat on a bench by the docks, and watched the boats and people and the sea birds… You know what?  I could do that every day for the rest of my life.  It’s nice to just… Abide.  Turn off the Cell Phone.  Turn off the MP3 Player… and just be where you are.  People will do that here.  They don’t do that in Utah.

My next book’s Intro

As many of you know, I’m doing a series of books about getting into guns.  This is the intro to the first one:

You are taking your first steps into a new world.  Into “The Gun Culture”.  Hopefully with a little coaching here those steps will turn into a run.

First off, we’ve got to define what that Gun Culture really is.  Because the Mainstream Media will have you believe that the Gun Culture is full of banjo playing, illiterate racists.  This is not the case.   For the last (almost full) decade I’ve been selling guns at what is my favorite gun store in Utah.  I’ve sold some guns to people that, yes, could be called banjo playing illiterate racists.  But I’ve sold far more gun to people who can not be categorized and labeled so the Media can easily dismiss them.

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The best defensive handguns in the world

1.  Glock 23. .40 cal.
2.  Caracal C .40 cal.
3.  S&W M&P .40 Sub Compact.
4.  Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact .40 cal.
5.  Glock 19. 9mm.
6.  S&W M&P Sub Compact 9mm.
7.  Caracal C 9mm.
8.  Glock 29 10mm.
9.  Glock 30 .45 Auto.
10.  Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact 9mm.

This list is going raise a few eyebrows. There are many popular guns that are absent. But this isn’t my tipping the hat to the popular. If I was to do that, then this list would have SIG’s, 1911’s, H&K… You know… the guns that are out dated, with cult like followings, premium pricing, and shortcomings for defensive use.
I’m looking at the best options for today and tomorrow. Feel free to disagree.
You’ll notice that I favor .40 cal over 9mm. I also favor the midsized options.

How’s that working out for you Prez?

If we elect Barack Obama as President the entire world will love us.  That was basically the promise the DNC made America.  Everyone in every nation around the world will love us.
Obama cottels, aides and abets Extreme Muslim groups around the world.  Financing them and even giving them weapons.  Because he’s Obama and they will love America then.

Now we are closing Embassies around the world.

Tucking our tails GLOBALLY.   Obama is showing us his ass.  Not just showing us his ass… But right there at eye level like a cat walking away… With a Press Conference.  “LOOK AT MY ASS!”

People… His plan isn’t working.  None of his plans have worked.  The Democrats plans never work.  Look at Chicago.  Democrats Gun Free Utopia.  Murder Zone USA.  Look at Detroit.  Bailout City!  These plans don’t work.  Liberal Ideology Doesn’t Work.