10 thoughts on “How come?”

      1. Indeed. Nice play on words, George.

        I agree that a company with that name ought to have its namesake, “magazine pull” built into its magazines without paying extra for the feature. For gosh sakes, it invented the idea of having something to quickly pull the magazine from the pouch and used that as its company name. Rolled out that as its very first product. Ought to come standard equipment. Duh.

  1. And the regular ones fit. You might have to work your fingers a little to get them on there, but I prefer the original magpuls and use them on my PMAGS all the time.

  2. Because that would open an inter-dimensional rift, that’s why. Now dammit George, stop trying to destroy the universe.

  3. Asking why magpul mags don’t come with magpuls is like asking why crusaderweaponry doesn’t ship all their rifles with the advanced Slipstream treatment. I’ve made a similar argument in the past regarding luxury cars. I used to think that a true luxury car shouldn’t have optional equipment; it should already come fully loaded! From a financial standpoint, it makes cents to sell a product with fewer standard features bc it allows more people into the brand at a lower cost which increases the number of units sold (volkswagen did this with the Jetta and Passat). Selling the magpul as an accessory instead of a standard feature allows the manufacturer maximize profits bc they can introduce people to the magpul brand at a lower initial cost while still giving the customer the option to upgrade their equipment at a later date.

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