How’s that working out for you Prez?

If we elect Barack Obama as President the entire world will love us.  That was basically the promise the DNC made America.  Everyone in every nation around the world will love us.
Obama cottels, aides and abets Extreme Muslim groups around the world.  Financing them and even giving them weapons.  Because he’s Obama and they will love America then.

Now we are closing Embassies around the world.

Tucking our tails GLOBALLY.   Obama is showing us his ass.  Not just showing us his ass… But right there at eye level like a cat walking away… With a Press Conference.  “LOOK AT MY ASS!”

People… His plan isn’t working.  None of his plans have worked.  The Democrats plans never work.  Look at Chicago.  Democrats Gun Free Utopia.  Murder Zone USA.  Look at Detroit.  Bailout City!  These plans don’t work.  Liberal Ideology Doesn’t Work.


10 thoughts on “How’s that working out for you Prez?”

  1. And the thing about the leftists who have taken over the Democrat party is that they will never admit that they are wrong. History shows they will be saying they can get it right even as they are taken up the steps to the gallows. “If only Stalin new!” They can’t admit to themselves that their philosophy is actually a religion based on faith alone, and all their gods are in graves.

  2. You are assuming that this isn’t what he wanted. What better way to bring down the Evil USA (who enslaves people and allows capitalism to take advantage of poor people) than to do it from the white house? The goal is to show that capitalism doesn’t work and that a socialist welfare state is required. If you truly believe that you know what is best for everyone, then you necessarily have to take control of everything. The unwashed masses certainly don’t know what food to eat, what cars to drive, or what to do with their money to have the most social justice.

    He truly believes that socialism and communism will really work because this time, the right people are in charge.

    This is all designed. It is not by accident. It is not that Obama thinks that obamacare will create jobs, or arming mexican drug cartels will stop the drug war. The purpose is to destroy the free market health care system, or to get people to want to cede their arms to the government so that we have no means of resisting.

    1. I don’t know if he is doing this on purpose or if he is totally incompetent. All I know is that he’s a total sack of shit and not worthy of his Office.

      1. Obama is just incompetent. Evil, but incompetent. Same as most Presidents, or candidates for that office, in modern history.

        But there are certainly those who wanted this outcome (Soros, etc.), and who supported him because they knew this is what would happen.

        Compare to Clinton. He was both evil /and/ competent. Much of what we’re facing now, are things which he set in motion.

        1. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

          I would prefer this to be the case, sadly I think we may be past the point where stupidity (incompetence) can explain things.

          1. It’s always a combination of both, in politics. There are the stupid ones, and the malicious ones who use the stupid ones to get what they want, without exposing themselves to the spotlight. The stupid ones are usually /also/ evil – they’d have to be, to go along with these sort of plans – but they aren’t competent enough to actually /invent/ these plans, all on their own. There’s always someone in the shadows, who has plans that go beyond the next few minutes.

      2. I agree. He is the worst president to sit in office during my life time. (Bush Sr.- present)

        The UConn womens basketball team gave Obama rabbit ears during their group picture with him… DOUBLE rabbit ears. >:D Can you imagine someone doing that to another president? No respect… Not that he deserves any…

  3. He doesn’t want another Bengazi on his hands so he’ll turn coward instead of nutting up and facing the evil. He hasn’t shown much, of any balls through his reign.

  4. The reason that I believe there is more malice than stupidity is that he hasn’t been caught or punished yet for his actions. A stupid person would do stupid things, then get caught red handed and have a paper trail connecting him to it.

    If you notice all the recent scandals (IRS, Benghazi, Seals team 6 killed on large slow chinook, Fast and Furious, Black Panther Party not getting prosecuted after elections intimidation etc) you will see that he has “nothing to do with it”

    He is smart enough to surround himself with people that will get involved in the process to get to the ends that he wants, sometimes criminally without any actual trail leading to him.

    He himself is likely not able to conduct all these operations, but he was smart enough to get the right loyal (to him) people in place to conduct these operations and then plead stupidity, or mistake when they get caught. He is also smart enough to put an attorney general in place that would never actually prosecute any of these crimes, and has somehow kowtowed John Boehner to prevent him from assigning special prosecutors.

    Now, by closing embassies, we are showing that if you attack and kill a few of our people, we will run away every time you make any type of serious sounding (whether actually serious or not is yet to be determined) threat. Terrorists are now able to affect our global policies. Whenever we leave a country (that is our ally) and tell the world that we are pulling out because it isn’t safe, it is likely to damage that country’s economy as no one would ever go there.

    The terrorists are able now to get people to change their views of the USA because it looks like we are abandoning them in fear of terrorists. That is how you get more terrorists and how you bring the USA down a few notches (which is obama’s plan all along).

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