Government Gone Wild

What country is this?  The US Secret Service getting hookers, the GSA going on a Vegas Binger like the guys from The Hangover or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Presidential Vacations and private jets to fly the Presidential Dog to Vacations.  The BATFE sending guns to Mexican Drug Cartells, The Department of Education buying Tactical Shotguns, and the TSA is feeling people up and stealing their iPods.

Is this our Government, or a Sacha Baron Cohen Comedy?  If this one another Country – it would be freaking hilarious… but it’s not… It’s our Government.  And it’s frakking pathetic.

Speaking of a Useless Government.  Let’s talk about Utah for a moment.  Utah passed a 50 dollar bounty on Coyotes… but it’s all held up because they can’t decide on just how to do it.  And even if they do get it all settled down… Uintah County doesn’t get any.  Instead of paying our Local Boys to bag the problematic Yotes, they would rather pay a Guy in a Helicopter.  When you break down the cost per dog, a Chopper is freaking retarded.  Too inefficient to be believable, but that’s what they’ve been spending our money on.
This needs to be put before the public vote.  This needs to be on the Ballot.  A Government Gunman in a Chopper, or hundreds of hunters across the county collecting on a pair of ears at a time.  What’s more efficient?  Just paying for the ears, or paying a gunman and a pilot and maintenance and everything involved for operating a helicopter?   And where is that chopper?  It’s only in one place at a time, flying only when they want it to.  Not out there all the time, all over the county, wherever the coyotes are stirring up problems and the money going to guys who could probably use a few extra bucks.   Where should our money go?  What makes the most sense?   I don’t think a Chopper makes any sense at all.  This should be put to the Vote.

Killer Hoodies

Geraldo is just nuts.  He blames Hoodies, which is a different take on the Travon-Zimmerman incident… but one that is about as stupid as it gets.

Speaking of Hoodies… the idea of the Tactical Hoodie caught the imagination of some of The Horde.  I’ve been thinking about this.  It’s very doable.  I have some very good ideas at different levels of Tactical.

1.  Low profile, looks completely normal on the outside.
2.  Condition Black, looks tactical on the outside, has some reinforcing matterial on the outside that would allow quick attachment of needed accessories.
3.  Fangs Out.  Using technology from motorcycle jacket armor and ballistic nylon to provide max protection in a tussel and look completely badass.

Only question though is who would be willing to buy and how much would you be willing to pay?  A normal good quality Carhart Hoodie is what, 60 bucks?  Would you be willing to go $99.99 for a Custom Made Tactical Hoodie?  I have a friend that is about to launch a Tactical Accessories Business, and he could make these Hoodies if the interest was really there for a Seriously Killer Hoodie.

Vernal Needs Food Badly

I’ve complained many times that Vernal Utah doesn’t have any good places to eat. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t. There are a few places that try, and other places that have just given up and make the same slop they’ve been making for ages and that’s all the people of Vernal know, so they stay in business.
It has it’s brighter spots. Pelican Lake Cafe is one, but it’s not even in Vernal, but down in Ouray by the Pelican Lake. Bar B’Qued is in Vernal, right across the street from the Holiday Inn Express, and it’s improved a lot… It’s not bad. It can’t touch a real BBQ joint, but it’s trying and it’s getting better. We have some of our standard chain fast food, but not the better chains.
We need a good old fashioned dirty-water hot dog joint. We need real old classic burger joint that makes things their own way. We need an Italian place. We need a destination diner… Where they love their food and are proud of it.
This is me BEGGING for a good food establishment to come to Vernal. For the love of all that is holy – come to Vernal.

S&W M&P Shield

I think I’d be interested in this in .40… I like it. An improved trigger, which the M&P line needed, in a size factor that S&W needed to get into. Julie’s hair looked fantastic too.
Okay, let’s take a closer look at the gun. I think it could have been 1/4 inch longer in the barrel… I know they wanted to hit a size point, but I think the took the barrel length dimension a bit too short. The addition of the thumb safety is unnecessary. Oh sure, it’s small enough to be unobtrusive, but it’s also too small to be really useful. It’s like a 3rd Nipple. Still, overall, I like this gun and look forward to trying it out.
Other guns it’s competing with… PF9, Nano, 938, LC9, PPS, PM9… Yeah, I think S&W nailed a Home Run Winner.


Monday I received another concussion. Hit my head… I thought I was doing okay, headaches, but taking it easy I thought I was doing pretty well.
Today I decided to take short ride to warm up my motorcycle’s chain so I can lube it up… As I was pulling back into Ogre Ranch, I felt like I was falling to the left, so I leaned right, and very gently, very slowly, very ignobly… laid my bike over on it’s right. No real damage but a bend in the brake lever, and I popped a connector on a fairing.
As of right now, I am still dizzy as hell.

Henry’s US Survival AR-7

The gun shop I work at is now stocking (Well, we got in a few of them) the Henry US Survival AR-7.

Normally, I’d avoid anything having to do with Henry rifles… Not that there is anything wrong with them, I just don’t favor them.  I don’t like Ranch Dressing either.  Nothing wrong with it, I just think it tastes like rotten mayo made for the devil’s own excrement… So it’s just a matter of taste.  Everyone likes different things, and this is why the Gun Industry has such a wide varieties of ways to kill things.

The AR-7 was originally made by Armalite for the US Air Force.  The idea was that this was a part of a Pilot’s survival kit should they be downed in a nice woodland area filled with tasty furry critters so the pilot could have a couple days of hunting before they get picked back up.  (Yes, that was intentionally tongue in cheek) I don’t know how many the Air Force picked up, but they did buy a few.  But not enough for Armalite to hold on to the gun… They sold it to Charter Arms for couple hundred bucks and a bag of roasted walnuts.  Charter made them for a few years and then just stopped.  Henry picked up the old design and is now making a slightly improved version.

Armalite, Charter, and Henry… this is a trifecta of Uncomfortable Dislike for me… As I am not fond of anyone having anything to do with this rifle.   Yet there is something about the little AR-7 that I like.  It’s very light, simple, and it does what its designed to do perfectly.  The gun its self though, is far from perfect… its sights are poor, its action is overly heavy and gritty, and its trigger… well, I have a house full of wall switches that have a better pull… Yet there is something about the collective whole of the little rifle that is most appealing.  It’s not that it is light, because it balances very awkwardly with it’s fat hollow asymmetrical stock.  It’s not that it’s cheap… you could buy a number of other .22 rifles that are more accurate and better built… just better rifles… for the same price as an AR-7.  And it’s not that I am planning on flying over Russian Wilderness on some mission that might get me shot down.  And it’s not that “It Floats”… because I was diving once in a lake and found one of these on the bottom.  (Okay, I had found an older Charter and it was filled with water… Evidently Henry has improved the Floating qualities) I’m not planning on going Kayaking with a rifle.     The AR-7 has an intangible quality to it… something I can’t quantify… but it’s there.  It’s Cool.  The AR-7 rifle is a Cool little rifle.  It’s stripped down and simple, like a rifle version of a Cafe Racer type Motorcycle.  Being Cool, the AR-7 makes no apologies for not having a forearm, good trigger, or decent sights… it doesn’t have to… because it’s Cool.

I’d love one if it had a folding stock instead of the bloated hollow stock.  And I’d love it even more if someone made a version in .22 Magnum.



I have mentioned before that I like wearing Hoodies.  I have a bunch… Let’s see…

UnderArmor… I have 3.  One brown, one green, and one digital camo.
Browning… 2.  One green, one brush camo.
Carhart… 1.  Black, oversized even by hoodie standards and super warm… one of my favorites.
2 Generic store brand hoodies in a forest camo.
1 from the Rochester Institute of Technology.
And I have 3 from Basin Sports, one black UnderArmor with a zip up, one brown, and one black again.
I think I have a couple more that I can’t think of right now… Oh, one from Ugly Stick…

None of these Hoodies have anything to do with association or support of Gangs or Trayvon Martin or anything else like that… I like to wear them because they are comfortable… not because I am occupying Wall Street or looking for Zimmerman’s head.  I am at the moment of writing this, occupying my couch while wearing a Browning hoodie because it’s a cool spring morning after a night time storm and I’ve got the windows open and I am listening to the birds singing and chirping and cooing… (I have doves at Ogre Ranch… see… I’m all about Peace)  If wearing a hoodie indicates my support of anything – right now you could say that it’s Browning Firearms.  Under this hoodie is a Glock model 20 in 10mm with 2 spare mags on my belt.  This is another bonus of wearing of a hoodie… I can conceal an M4 Carbine under here, let alone any handgun I fancy to carry.

Where are the Tactical Hoodies?  With inside straps for spare mags and flashbangs?   With Velcro areas for the addition of Patches?  I want to put my Patches on a Hoodie… and be able to take them off again and change them.  Let’s see… MHI, EOD, INFIDEL, PORK EATING CRUSADER… I got a lot of Patches here that need a Tactical Hoodie!