Want Uprising USA for FREE?

This Thursday through Saturday you can get a Free Copy of UPRISING USA for the Kindle Reader on Amazon.com.
So if you are one of my Friends who hasn’t picked up my book – You can get it for free now! And next time I see you, I’ll autograph your Kindle for you.

17 thoughts on “Want Uprising USA for FREE?”

  1. You should put an asterisk behind that “free” offer, because membership in Amazon Prime is required to get it “free.”

  2. Awfully generous of you sir. I’ve gone too long without a good read. I think I’ll take you up on this. Thanks!

  3. Remember if you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon has a free Kindle reading application for personal computers.
    The bad thing about the “free” Kindle books is they can get you addicted to a series….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

      1. Is that one of those “text to speach” kinda things? I don’t think my iPhone works with those.

  4. OK, first story out of the gate tomorrow on the Blog (shortly after I download it to the iPad tonight at 12am EST!)… so much to read so little time it seems…

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