I have mentioned before that I like wearing Hoodies.  I have a bunch… Let’s see…

UnderArmor… I have 3.  One brown, one green, and one digital camo.
Browning… 2.  One green, one brush camo.
Carhart… 1.  Black, oversized even by hoodie standards and super warm… one of my favorites.
2 Generic store brand hoodies in a forest camo.
1 from the Rochester Institute of Technology.
And I have 3 from Basin Sports, one black UnderArmor with a zip up, one brown, and one black again.
I think I have a couple more that I can’t think of right now… Oh, one from Ugly Stick…

None of these Hoodies have anything to do with association or support of Gangs or Trayvon Martin or anything else like that… I like to wear them because they are comfortable… not because I am occupying Wall Street or looking for Zimmerman’s head.  I am at the moment of writing this, occupying my couch while wearing a Browning hoodie because it’s a cool spring morning after a night time storm and I’ve got the windows open and I am listening to the birds singing and chirping and cooing… (I have doves at Ogre Ranch… see… I’m all about Peace)  If wearing a hoodie indicates my support of anything – right now you could say that it’s Browning Firearms.  Under this hoodie is a Glock model 20 in 10mm with 2 spare mags on my belt.  This is another bonus of wearing of a hoodie… I can conceal an M4 Carbine under here, let alone any handgun I fancy to carry.

Where are the Tactical Hoodies?  With inside straps for spare mags and flashbangs?   With Velcro areas for the addition of Patches?  I want to put my Patches on a Hoodie… and be able to take them off again and change them.  Let’s see… MHI, EOD, INFIDEL, PORK EATING CRUSADER… I got a lot of Patches here that need a Tactical Hoodie!

8 thoughts on “Hoodies.”

  1. I would wear a tactical hoodie constantly! Love the velcro idea. In fact…may try to work something up just to see what I can do on my own!

  2. I love hoodies too and I was just asking my son if he knew who makes a hoodie with an extra large hood that extends out and covers/hides more of the face. Anyone know?

  3. You need to get a “Save the Ta-tas” breast cancer awareness hoodie. Mine’s brown, super heavy weight, and comfy. It’s great for hanging around the house, and, it benefits a very important cause…boobs.

  4. A tactical hoodie with concealment accessories? Sounds like you just invented the flagship product for the new OgreWear line. That thing would sell. No joke.

    MadOgre edition, Crusader edition, maybe one with no logo…..time to turn that idea into cashflow. I’ll buy a prototype.

  5. Tactical hoodie….you are a genius. It doesn’t need to look tactical or say anything tactical though, just be tactical. I would wear it. If it said Mad Ogre I would certainly wear it.

  6. I have a brown Dickies hoodie I wear all the time. It definitely needs more internal pockets and velcro.Great idea.

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