Killer Hoodies

Geraldo is just nuts.  He blames Hoodies, which is a different take on the Travon-Zimmerman incident… but one that is about as stupid as it gets.

Speaking of Hoodies… the idea of the Tactical Hoodie caught the imagination of some of The Horde.  I’ve been thinking about this.  It’s very doable.  I have some very good ideas at different levels of Tactical.

1.  Low profile, looks completely normal on the outside.
2.  Condition Black, looks tactical on the outside, has some reinforcing matterial on the outside that would allow quick attachment of needed accessories.
3.  Fangs Out.  Using technology from motorcycle jacket armor and ballistic nylon to provide max protection in a tussel and look completely badass.

Only question though is who would be willing to buy and how much would you be willing to pay?  A normal good quality Carhart Hoodie is what, 60 bucks?  Would you be willing to go $99.99 for a Custom Made Tactical Hoodie?  I have a friend that is about to launch a Tactical Accessories Business, and he could make these Hoodies if the interest was really there for a Seriously Killer Hoodie.

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  1. You surely mean a “Strategic” hoodie. I can see a hoodie with a holster sewn into the kangaroo pouch pocket thing. Totally discrete, but you can have your gasp on the gun if it makes you feel better when you are in a part of town you shouldn’t be in.
    The issue I see with the armor (great idea as many bikers wear hoodies on cruiser or standards) is that a hoodie is loose fitting.

    Velco (the soft side of velcro) on the inside of the hoodie could be for attaching the “accessories”. Be it holster, knives, strategic hydration pack. this could be on the inside for low profile or reversable for high profile. Reverse said velcro lined hoodie and you are at the ‘high profile’ look. Not the best for hiking as crap would stick to it.

  2. I LOVE the idea of an integral holster in the pouch for my P11 or similar lightweight pistol.
    Not a good idea for my steel guns.
    And I like Option 1… Low Profile.


  3. Sounds like a pretty interesting idea, but personally, I don’t like hoodies. There’s nothing wrong with them; I just have a long-ish neck, so the hood is always too snug on me to be comfortable.

    Now, take that same concept and apply it to a regular, hood-less sweatshirt, and I’d be all over it.

  4. +1 on the low profile option. Most of the armor and other bad a** goodies are better off worn underneath as no “hoodie” that actually looks like a hoodie will support that kind of thing. I like the Carhart material and some of the polar fleece stuff also. Maybe ripstop nylon with a fleece liner would be doable.

  5. $60 for a carhart hoodie is turning into quite a steal anymore. Yea, I would be interested in ponying up for a $100 good quality tactical hoodie

  6. i look for excuses to wear hoodies. I love’em. So if there was a tactical or strategic hoodie…or one with a crusader logo on it, I’m there.

  7. Something with shoulder and elbow reinforcements that are a different color than the rest of the hoodie would appeal to me a good bit, especially in grays and tans.

    A little bit of PALS on the bottom of the inside would work for rifle mag carriers. If the PALS is stitched in sideways, you could wear standard mag carriers sideways and be able to get at the mags from under the front pretty easily.

  8. great idea hear in the poeples republic of masshole you have to be very careful about carry in know I would glady pay more the $99.00 for it

  9. Yes I would easily pay that. I like the material that my Columbia or my UnderArmor jackets are made of that is a fleece on the inside and is like a tough rubbery material on the outside. I really like the idea of the motorcycle armor add ons as well as velcro on the inside but, as coelacanth said, I don’t know if the hoodie would work too well with that additional armor hanging off of it. Reinforced elbows and maybe something like a ribbed bracer in the forearms to turn an edged weapon. Add some zippers or velcro to help keep the contents of the kangaroo pocket actually inside the pocket. Finally make sure the hood is extra large to fit over my big dome and conceal my face (I always liked the huge hood that the main character wore in Ghost Dog that hid his face).

  10. Tactical Hoodie? I’m game. I also like deep hoods. I can’t stand it when I put up the hoods of some of my hoodies and the back of the hood is touching the back of my head, and there’s barely any hood actually over the front of my head.

    I like the idea of being able to seal the front pocket. Where I’m concerned about putting attachment points on the inside (underside?) of the hoodie is that if the material isn’t stiff enough, there won’t be a lot of resistance that is needed to pull a magazine (or whatever) out of an attached pouch. Plus you’ll have to worry about sagging material.

    I’m definitely interested in the concept, but I think the material and any reinforcement is what’s going to really turn this into a tactical hooodie.

  11. Not really interested. Not downing it in any way. Just not my style. I can’t get away with a hoodie in the insurance/financial services industry. I’m still looking for the best IWB handgun that I can squeeze into the waistband of a pair of khakis or dress slacks. That’s probably why I was interested in the S&W Shield. I’m looking at that and the Kahr CM9. Walther PPS would be more of an option if it weren’t for that “safety” feature that disables the gun when the rear grip panel is removed. Looking for something slimmer than the Glock19. Glock 19 is great for jeans and casual wear but a little harder with office attire.

  12. Yeah, If it’s loose and comfortable and warm. I would pay $100 for a quality, usable garment. My main concern is that others be unable to look at me and say “oh,he has a gun.” That is the only thing I don’t like about Maxpedition, You may as well wear a sandwich board.

    1. Agreed. Thats one reason I won’t buy a crossbreed holster. The crosses on the belt loops are a dead giveaway.

  13. I think the sagging issue is the biggest hurdle for carrying equipment in/on a hoodie. Maybe a concealed webbing system for added support?

    Personally, I’d settle for simply having a longer body to the hoodie. Maybe just two inches longer. I can carry on my belt – always have – but some hoodies just won’t cover an OWB holster for a full-sized handgun.

    Another idea: lightweight hoodies. Suitable for the bookends of Summer. Nobody makes those anymore. Ocean Pacific used to…..back in the 80’s….

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