Give me a new Motorcycle

I think if I had my pick of motorcycles… Say, that Nigerian Prince gives me that 32 Million Dollars he’s been promising for the last decade… I think I’d take a New 2012 Kawasaki Concourse 14.
At least, I’d take it now at this moment.  Of course come time to buy. I’d probably take home another Honda.

10 thoughts on “Give me a new Motorcycle”

  1. Just remember to PARK IT after possible concussions. Your safety is important, and we enjoy your opinions!

    1. Well, right now parking it is just not an option. I only have a bike as my transportation. The Chevy is dead and not worth fixing. It needs a new engine and doors and exhausts… The Alero is dead and not worth fixing…it has a myriad of electrical issues running through it that make me want to light it on fire. The wife can’t ride the motorcycle so trading her off for her Explorer is not an option… so if I want to go to work… I ride.
      But I am doing much better and I think I am just fine now.

  2. Ogre-san: I owned the older C-10 model for several years and really liked it, but man, it was hot on those warm days! Great accelleration though, and that fairing worked well in Maine, where weather is often cool and foggy/rainy. I also had a LONG test ride on the newer C-14, the one you like, and it was a great bike – rocketship accelleration, fantastic brakes, quiet – but – it was hard to muscle around corners for me, and I felt like I was perched on top of it, which was not as relaxed as the seating position on the older version. The older one can be had for very resasonable money, too, and there are scads of parts and a good ownership group online. Ride Safe!

    1. I was indeed cold on the ride to and from work Saturday. But that’s not it. I’ve stopped by York Motorsports a few times and have looked at that Starship they have parked inside… The Concourse 14 looks like wants to fight Decepticons, and I am not sure I really dig the stylings. However the ABS and the Traction Control are things I am very much wanting right now. Heated Grips are a luxury that I like, but I could get those for my 996 so I’m not too worried about that. Just the whole package is somewhat appealing.
      I know I could have had a bike like that… there were several on KSL when I chose the one I have now. And I do not regret for a second buying the Superhawk… I absolutely enjoy it. What it boils right down to is that I want several different bikes.
      Superhawk is awesome, but I’d also like a CBR600, a KLR650, a Honda Fury, and an Intersteller Starship like a Concourse 14.
      As pointed out by Tim, there are many to be had on the used market, the older ones are pretty cheap and a bit smaller and probably more comfortable for me as I do not really care for the 2 Wheel Battle Barges that some guys ride around on… And I hate Gold Wings. Well, actually I want to build a Gold Wing that’s stripped down to a Cafe Racer… but that’s another deal entirely. So I have just found it very odd that I’ve been looking at the C-14 and thinking “Yeah, I could have that”. Because it’s one of the biggest bikes on the road. A massive machine. That front Fairing on the C-14 looks like the front end of a car or something. Thinking about Road Tripping this summer and a bike of this sort would be just oh so very nice.

  3. I know a guy that has a connie10. Same HP as my bike but 30 #ft more torque. I have no problems keeping up, even on hills. I just have to drop a couple of gears. BUT, he is more comfortable, has more luggage space and a HUGE gas tank (7 gal IIRC). It seems to handle really well for what it is. Sure it will take more muscle on turns.

  4. I wish we could edit.

    I would take the zx14r over the Connie14. It is a nice bike, but the zx has better suspension and 70+ more HP. Add bar risers, taller screen and saddlebags for the ultimate sport tourer. I don’t need an adjustable screen.

    1. Yeah, I’d love the ZX14R too. What a beast. But I dont think I’d want to ride it across the… oh hell… yes… yes I would. I’m a Hooligan at heart.

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