Monday I received another concussion. Hit my head… I thought I was doing okay, headaches, but taking it easy I thought I was doing pretty well.
Today I decided to take short ride to warm up my motorcycle’s chain so I can lube it up… As I was pulling back into Ogre Ranch, I felt like I was falling to the left, so I leaned right, and very gently, very slowly, very ignobly… laid my bike over on it’s right. No real damage but a bend in the brake lever, and I popped a connector on a fairing.
As of right now, I am still dizzy as hell.

7 thoughts on “Concussion”

  1. Ice packs anti inflammatory meds around the clock if it does not improve if you get visual changes slurred speech etc get yourself checked out at the ER subdural hematomas can be subtle. All the best – be careful over next few days try to keep a low profile

  2. George, you may want to try meclizine. Its an over the counter medication that helped me when I had my concussion from that car wreck. Its the active ingredient in “Dramamine” for sea sickness. I also had to take it when I had an infection that caused BAD vertigo.

    Good luck, hope you feel better.

      1. If you havent got it from a pharmacy yet, just look at your Prescription for the dosage and look for it in even a grocery store. I think I got mine for around 3 dollars for 25 pills.

        Just be careful because it makes some people VERY sleepy. As long as I stayed busy I had no problems with it, but I sure slept better.

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