13 thoughts on “NRA Convention”

  1. DAMMIT!! My sisters wedding is the 4th…..I can’t miss that. I may be able to make something happen on the 3rd or the 5th. Probably the 5th if anything. Hmmm……..road trip, methinks. Houston is about 5 hours away or so. I need to ruminate on this.

  2. I live in Dallas; and, if I can squirrel away a day off, I may just have to find an excuse to go.

  3. I’m in Fort Worth about 5 hours away. I started looking at hotels back in Aug / Sep just to get a price idea and see what was near the convention center. Found out mid sep wife is pregnant….twins. While I’m overjoyed and feel blessed, I’m thinking wife 8 months pregnant is the wrong time to plan a multi day 5 hour 1 way road trip.

    Hopefuly in a couple of years fellas.

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