Ford Expedition

Every time I get ready to get a new car, something happens and I don’t… and I’m stuck on my bike. Like this… Her Explorer died on us. Transmission decided it didn’t like having teeth on the gears. So, here is her new (to us) Ford Expedition. I actually really like it. Big, Solid. Stable. Powerful. Comfortable. And with room for Wife and I and our six sons.
Also, this is a test of my new Drift HD camera and Microphone and Remote. It all works.


Oh, for those wondering, this is not at Ogre Ranch. The light blue Explorer there, that’s her old rig with the dead tranny. I’m thinking 50 pounds of Tannerite.

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  1. Yeah, Exploders are known for transmission problems… My mother’s died and needed a new tranny after just a few years.

    Stupid question: Why would anyone care if that’s your house or not? Just curious…

      1. Probably Uprising readers wanting to see the glory of Ogre’s ranch and Air force base. And also if Musket’s Pub is out back.;)

  2. Expeditions are great, I’ve owned one for the last few years. Rock solid vehicles from top to bottom. Good choice.

  3. 50 lbs, of Tannerite? Nah! Find a Ma Deuce, or failing that, a .50 BMG rifle, and a whole mess of ammo. Probably a lot more expensive, but the fun will last longer, and I wager it’ll make the Explorer’s demise much more satisfying.

  4. I think I’m the only one who had a fantastic experience with their explorer. Bought a 96 XTL v6 4.0L automatic from friends of the family in like 2006 for $1200. Odometer was stuck at 220,000, and I drove the help out of it. I wish I knew for sure but I’m guessing it was getting close to 300,000 when that dodge ram wouldn’t get out of my way, and I’m adimate that had the wreck not happened, I’d still be driving it today. The only thing it ever needed was ball-joints and the plastic sides of the radiator cracked. Did I mention how safe it was in low speed coalitions? Ford has my business for the rest of my car buying life!

    1. You’re not the only one. I had a little over 300K on my ’91 before it burned to the ground. It was no fault of the truck, but rather someone spilling ATF onto the manifold. With a minor 2″ lift and some 32’s it went just about anywhere. The automatic transmission problems can be alleviated by yearly transmission services and adding an aftermarket cooler. Of course, finding one with a manual transmission is a better solution.

    2. I’m on my 2nd Mercury Mountaineer (the twin to the Explorer) now. I bought my first in 2006. It was a 98 with 100K miles on it. It was the 215 HP 4.0L SOHC V6 and the 5 speed Auto. It ran like a top all the way to 257K Miles. I did the brakes once, the shocks once, the battery & alternator once. Only reason that I got rid of it was the rust, and, I found a heck of a deal on a 2006 Mountaineer with the 292 HP 4.6 SOHC V8 and 6 speed auto. Funny thing is that they both got about the MPG, but there is a clear difference in power and handling.

  5. I remember a guy telling me back in the early 1990’s that Ford had a quality control problem on their transmission gears. He said they had some kind of sintering process that they used to make the gears to cut down on the machine work to make the gears but they would occasionally have problems with the surface hardness not being deep enough. It would wear normally for a while and then just start to disintegrate when they wore into the too soft and flakey interior of the gear teeth. Keep in my my memory isn’t good and it could have very well been a bull shit source.

  6. Actually you can get rebuilt Transmissions from the dealer and get at least a 36K mile warranty. I did it a while back with a F250 and had good service.

    1. Well, we probably could have done that for a lot less… But the added room inside, we needed it badly. If my family wanted to go anywhere all together, it was a Two Vehicle mission.
      So this is a good thing for us.

      But the Monthly Note though… I get itchy just thinking about financing. Hate it. I’ve always paid Cash for my vehicles.

      1. I can’t go Always but at the last few have been hip pocket money. It is nice not worrying about That Payment.

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