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Here’s how I filter my email

For MadOgre.com Email… I open my client, look at all the pages of email. Usually between 8 and 12 a day.
I hit “Show All” so it’s all on one page.
Then I hit “Select All”.
Here’s where I take a moment. I scan down the emails, looking for anything that looks interesting. I’ll uncheck those.
Then I hit “Delete Selected”. Poof all gone save for those that looked interesting or important. This parses it down to about one page.
Then I spend a couple hours answering and responding.

I’ve come to hate email. If you are one of my close friends, just send me a txt or use my gmail account. I may miss your email if it looked boring.

Emails like this make my day

I love it when I get an email like this... 
After having one of those days, this really picks me up.
Mr. Hill,Just wanted to send a quick e-mail. After listening to the Gunfighter Cast podcast that you were on I ordered BOTH Uprising USA and Uprising UK and finished them both on less than a week. I am now waiting patiently for the next book. I also ordered Slipstream in both grease and oil from Crusader Weaponry that should be here next week. I look forward to spending thousands of rounds evaluating Slipstream in all my firearms.

I am now a proud follower of both WeTheArmed.com and MadOgre.com.

Keep up the awesome work.


Thanks, Doug.