Winter Riding

Yes, I ride in a Utah Winter. I am not crazy. I’m just cold. The trick is to watch out for patches of ice.

Notice in the first video I am in Vernal, heading home. I pulled out of Cafe Rio’s parking lot where I had a cup of soup… Tortilla Soup. And a Vanilla Coke.  In the second video, that’s actually me heading into Vernal, to go get a cup of hot soup. Hey, I like their soup. 

The Soup warmed me up so I could handle the ride back home.  As I rode west, homeward, there was some bad weather rolling in. It was getting foggy and started snowing again.  After I got home, it dropped 6 inches on Ogre Ranch. 

Man… I hate Winter.

11 thoughts on “Winter Riding”

    1. This is the EPIC 1080HD Carbon camera. I picked it up for nothing out of pocket. This is my second one. The first one had no sound at all. So the guys at the EPIC booth at SHOT traded me straight across for another one. Nice of them. The sound still sucks though, and when I drop the files into SONY VEGAS I loose the Audio anyway. So these are just the raw vids, untouched.
      I have a DRIFT HD that is on the way. A much better camera, with all the goodies to go with it. I got that in a trade for an EOTECH.

  1. Ogre-San: you da man. I see they don’t use salty sand on the roads in your area. Good for you.

    1. They do. Which is why the roads are clear. In places where they have not laid down any Salty Sand, the roads have ice on them.

      1. 10-4. I did not think they did because I did not see the extra along the sides of the roads. Here they put so much down it forms ‘wind rows’ on the shoulders and in many places lanes in the road. A particular hazard in early Spring rides are the soft, sandy patches that form inside sharp curves. An experimental treatment here has been to spray a liquid on the pavement that melts the ice and produces little to no residue, leaving the roads looking more or less dry as they look in your videos. I thought maybe that was what your DOT might be using to keep the roads clear.

  2. In Northern countries with high gas prices quite a few people ride two wheels in Winter.
    For something really weird, the Japanese postmen use small scooter to do their routes, when the roads are bad they put on chains. The center of gravity on the small scoots is low enough that you can “Skate” them with your feet down.

  3. Dayum George, my hat is off. It is so beautiful there, we got squat for conditions like that here in N. TX.

    I can respect you for riding in conditions like that. I used to ride my bicycle to work when I had a job away from home, in all conditions. Went out when it was +12 here and thought I was a badass.

    I went out to my bud’s place today and shot a couple of boxes of 12 ga. and had a blast. Met some other rednecks out there, it was all good. 68 deg. here!

    You are still my favorite frozen Ogre 😉

    Stay safe and warm. Looks like you got it down.

    Yer pal,
    West Texas Chuck

    1. Indeed it is a Scotts. What else is there? I need it not just for off roading, but this beast will cruise at 70 on the highway. And the fork angle makes it twitchy as hell on the highway. So I turn it up when I’m cruising and back it off for off roading.

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