Video Gurus…. Request Assistance.

All my cameras record in .MOV format. That’s hardwired and I can’t change that.
Sony Vegas 9 Platinum has been importing and splicing them up nicely. No problems.

These new POV cameras I have… BOTH the EPIC 1080HD Carbon and the DRIFT HD, also record in .MOV format. However both cameras record files that lose the Audio Tract as soon as I put them into Vegas. I can play them and hear them via Windows Media Player just fine, but once brought into Vegas, the sound is gone forever.
What’s stranger is that if I Drag and Drop, I can sometimes get SOUND but no Picture, and then it wont import any images after and it’s just sound until I restart Sony Vegas… Which as been updated, and no I don’t want to buy 11 Pro or whatever the hell the latest is.
Going back to older files, captured on my Cannon or Sony cameras, none of this happens and it just works. Again, also .MOV files.

4 thoughts on “Video Gurus…. Request Assistance.”

  1. I’m no guru, but I’ve had a lot of weird video problems that nobody can explain. One thing that’s worked for me sometimes has been converting from .mov to .mp4 or some other format first. You can download Freemake Video Converter (free). This thing is pretty fast, always smooth, does batch files of all kinds of media file conversions, uploads to YouTube, etc. This is about the only video software I’ve used that works smoothly and easily every time. I use it a lot for audio files, too.

  2. Also not a guru, but I’ve got some experience with video files. Thing is, .MOV files aren’t a format, they’re a container. The format is based on the video and audio codecs used to record the original video, then they’re packaged together and linked. Think of it like an audio file and a picture file that you then put into a zip file and make references to each of the two throughout. That’s a rough idea of what a .MOV file is.

    Likely, Sony Vegas doesn’t like the format that the new cameras are recording audio in, or don’t like the way it’s linking audio and video for some reason. Not sure what would be a valid fix for that, as I’m just guessing at the problem, but using a converter first might do the job. You could also check out Handbrake, it’s an Open Source video conversion program that has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at, if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of video conversion. I would also agree on the conversion target being MP4.

  3. I dont use vegas but(final cut/premire user), Vegas 9, being an older version , probably has problems with h.264 files. .mov is a file wrapper like .avi, your new pov cams record in h.264 wrapped as a .mov. you will need to transcode the files into a format that vegas likes such as avchd.

  4. What Ed said. I had that problem on Vegas 9. This problem is described all over the Internet. I ended up upgrading.

    Although, you could try updating Quicktime on the computer. Might help, but I’m not sure.

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