How I wrote Uprising.

I’ve had a lot of emails asking about how I wrote Uprising USA.  It was written mostly on a Netbook, an HP Mini, running Ubuntu Linux and I used Google Docs.  Then what I wrote was posted online at  The encouragement of the members there drove it, and continues to drive it.
In Uprising UK, its written much in the same way… However all the new content from what was initially posted on WTA is written on my HTC Sensation smartphone, using an app called Epistle. Then it is sent to Google Docs… Final editing on my end is being done with OpenOffice. Reason being is that I can write whenever, wherever I want.  Good ideas escape less frequently. 

5 thoughts on “How I wrote Uprising.”

  1. I don’t have a regular netbook – I have a mini netbook. It’s tiny. I wish I would have bought a 10″ screen netbook now, but the tiny Asus (7″ screen) was bought for portability. I used to fit it in in my toolbag and use at break. Scheduled or not.

    Anyway – yeah – you write where and how you can. I’m liking Google Docs – access it anywhere and it’s saved in the cloud. Saved my work (and my ass)when my laptop imploded.

  2. OMG!! On the new FOX sci fi show Terra Nova the money on the earth has Obama’s picture on on the bills!!!!

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