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Nothing important to say tonight.  Just some thoughts I had.  First, I am disappointed that I missed my goat of finishing my second book.  I got carried away in Uprising: UK.  My goal on this five day weekend I just had, was to write/edit until it was finished.  This didn’t happen. However, today I expanded U:UK by 10 thousand more words.  Sections of text, details, and lose ends that I felt needed tying up.  I still don’t have an ending.
Returning characters are Rebecca Hallbrook, Arizona Police Officer and Stacy Roth, daughter of the fighter pilot that killed a Chinese aircraft carrier, and Cadet Jackson, who was a casualty of some wackos from Wyoming.  Not all of these characters live to book three.  Speaking of Character Mortality, I rewrote the death of Paul, aka FMJ from WTA.  Paul’s role as a sniper comes to a sudden end due to a case of acute of thermal ingestion.  He goes out in a great ball of fire.  Mark Walters, our friend from Armed American Radio is seen taking part in the Invasion of France as he storms the beach with a sword and a Krinkov SMG.  He might make it to book three… hmmm….

Also today, I realize that I do indeed like the Glock 23 a great deal, so much so, that it just may have taken the place of the venerable 1911.  Examining the Defensive Power Factor of a magazine of .45 in a typical 8 round mag +1 and + a Reload, and comparing that to the typical magazine of .40 caliber… +1 and +reload… the 23 does indeed dish out twice the firepower.  (I reload with a Glock 22 magazine) Now, why would I be all over the Glock 23 over the 1911?  Well… Man, I have to say that I really like the trigger that Joe gave this Glock.  I had some trick parts in the Glock to start with, then Joe checked it out and freaking made it better.  Seriously.  He made it better.  I liked it before, but I love it now.  The break is super crisp with zero over travel… no safetly lever to get in the way or forget to swipe off.  I used to prefer a manual safety.  But I’m now moving away from them.  Glock type and SIG types, I think, are better for the modern gunslinger.

Two words to remember:  VULTURE DOWN.

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  1. Ogre, I too have recently added a Glock….my first Glock….to the stable. I was growing weary of the holster wear being inflicted on my 1911. For quite some time now I’d been carrying a Springfield Lightweight Champion Operator. Commander frame 1911.

    Then an old man let me shoot his Glock 19 at the range……lo and behold, it fit my hand! And when I fired…..the rounds hit right where they were supposed to be!

    I had to have one. So….I traded a wheel gun I never shoot and some cash, and got a brand new one. The speed and accuracy I’ve developed with my .45’s translated into more speed and the same accuracy with the G19. I’m a happy camper, and I’ve got a project gun now in the 1911.

    Also, you posted a week or so ago; The gunfight is coming……

    I’d definitely rock my Glock, also along with my 870 Tactical Express. The two weapons I have that can be pressed into service anytime, with zero doubt.

  2. Word count creep…

    Maybe you need an editor? Could you ask Larry to attack yer manuscript with that dreaded red pencil?

    And you might want to sit down and decide how you want to end it, rather than just letting it wander around by itself. You are the author, so you do get to make such decisions.

    1. I have an ending in mind that will take Uprising UK into Uprising Russia… Small change from the current ending of Uprising UK’s Thread.

  3. Did you see the Rob Pincus article about how he has changed his mind and is converting his .40s to 9mm. Having an open, flexible mind is a good thing.

    1. There is nothing that Rob said that really disagree with. However there is a “Comfort” factor with packing a large caliber. All my experience in shooting and hunting pretty much confirms that no one wishes that they had Less Gun. No one that I’ve personally talked to that has been in defensive shootings have said that they wish that they had brought less gun. In fact all the general wisdom says to carry as much gun as you can handle.
      Statistics show that a gunfight is typically 1.something shots. The numbers change between 1.5 and 1.8 shots. So those two shots or less, I’m more comfortable with a bigger hit. I don’t care if in X number of seconds I can only get off X number of shots verses Y with 9mm.
      In IDPA – when I can get to a match – shows that .40’s knock those steel plates down more reliably than 9mm. That’s an advantage.
      Rob speaks of barrier penetration. I’ve shot a lot of targets through different portions of automobiles… why? Because I can. A heavier slug does have advantages over the lighter slugs. In fact, 180 grain .40 looks a lot more like a .45 hit than a 9mm through a truck door. This is why Law Enforcement uses more .40’s than 9mm’s. LE Agencies have been moving away from 9mm for more reasons than just Barrier Penetration. LEO’s tend to get into more gun fights than Civilians, so looking at what they are doing is worth the while and taking their direction into consideration, even with a grain of salt.
      Also, take a look at one’s potential threats. A pack of Gang Members isn’t really high up on the threat assessment here. However wolves, coyotes, cougars, and bear, along with a road raging leather clad biker are more likely the threat potential here. On a wild animal, yeah, I’d rather have that potential for extra penetration and damage.
      I am comfortable with the loss of couple rounds of capacity for the increase in cartridge effectiveness.
      Now, I don’t disparage the 9mm at all. In fact I do carry them from time to time, the rounds Rob mentioned, the PDX1’s are my favorite for centerfire auto. Just like which stance to use, the best is what works best for you.

      1. Yeah, I think that it’s good that both you and Rob are willing to re-evaluate your position based on new factors that present themselves. Especially after making such definitive statements in the past. It shows your brain is still engaged in the process, and that you aren’t too convinced of your own awesome-ness to change your mind.

        I admit that my 9mm Sig is probably just fine for most urban situations that I experience for most of my day, but it’s inadequate against the scariest threat while we are in the woods, ie bears.

        Still holding out for a 629 for my hiking and camping pistol 🙂

        I still would also like a .45 auto at some point. That deep boom coming out of the muzzle is awfully comforting.

        1. See… My biggest change is that I’ve parted was with Jeff Cooper and Clint Smith’s strict 1911 dogma. As Clint would say, I’m one of the polymer kids. Fine… But I’ve seen more 1911’s fail than any other. Yes, I’ve seen those that ran fine too, but the new designs just work better with less attention. I can also accept that my handgun doesn’t have to be a .45. So for me… That’s a big change.

          1. I like 45s more than 40s just because the recoil is a little more pleasant with a 45. But even then, it really depends on the gun.

            A 229 in .40 or Beretta 96 is pretty manageable. In Marshall Dodge’s M&P, the recoil felt like I was shooting 147 grain 9mm bullets in my Sig. The M&P is freaking magic as far as recoil management goes.

            So I guess the only .40s I don’t like are Glocks and HKs. I shot the Reaper at the last Handgun class, and while the sights popped right back into the same place really fast, I didn’t like how it slammed my hand. I just feel like it would be difficult and tiring to shoot a bunch of rounds through a glock 23.

            So if I was going to get a polymer gun, I’d go for an M&P in .40. That gun is awesome.

            1. I agree… the M&P does manage recoil better. And they look better… the only hamstring on the M&P is the trigger. Great gun, crappy trigger. However with some work, you can get a good trigger.

    2. Mr. Pincus had a lot to say…a bit too much. I disagree when he said what his ideals and what he taught in the past was “wrong”. It may have been “right” because of not only the bullet technology at that time but also the tactics and mindsets as well. It is called progress and many things that once were “inferior” are now first rate as well as changing tactics and mindsets. Check out some of the older Army tactics films. They are pretty comical to watch now but at the time it was cutting edge. Were they wrong? No, not at that time but now there are better ways to to attain the desired results. Anyone who teaches or attends classes don’t do “1 and done”, they take courses on a regular basis to not just maintain profiency but to keep current/update weapons and tactics to be cutting edge. Me personally I know that I can defend me and my family with my 9mm just as well as my 45acp. Am I “wrong”? I don’t think so.

      1. You are right, Mat. Evolution of the tactics means looking for improvement not necessarily correcting anything wrong… Unless there was something wrong.

  4. I *HATE* manual safeties on carry pistols…those things can get you killed. I prefer something with a first round double action trigger pull, like on my HK P30 or SIG PRO.

  5. speaking of glocks and such like i remember reading that one of the biggest problems of that type of pistol is that the double stack mags wear out the springs fast. the article i read stated that you should change out the mags every month or so to let the springs rest. i also remember shooting a taurus knock off of the beretta 92 that had a mag that was left full for a long time and the mag spring was very weak wich led to serious feed problems. you dont here advise to change out mags anymore. is this no longer true?

  6. I’ve been meaning to ask, did Gun Doc put in the New York trigger spring and a Ghost connector as part of his trigger job? For over travel adjustment I like the Ghost set up though it is a tedious install to get the over travel right. I’m still dreaming of a Gen 4 G32. The Gen 4 G 31 feels good but I want something a bit shorter.
    A number of writers have written and stated that sometimes they’ll make an outline start to write and the story and characters take off in a different direction. John Ringo’s description of what happened to him in the writing of the “Last Centurion” is an example of a story that took off on its own.

  7. A 1911 hides in my waist band so nicely with its slim single stack magazine. I’ve never been made by cops, other shooters, professional gunnies, anybody, While I have seen the fat grips of double stack mags on occasion. Until Saturday when the “accidental display” law takes effect it is important in Florida to not be made.

  8. Duty gun? Glock 35 forth gen. in .40 with a replacement barrel from Storm Lake in 9mm. Qualified by my dept., in BOTH calibers! Something some higher ups are shocked about but thems the rules. Off duty? Kahr P40 and/or Glock 27 depending on clothing plans….plastic kid all the way in the real world and I have umm well several 1911’s other “things” to play with. The tech has not stood still and never will, now about that 40 watt plazma rifle….

  9. My dept allows 9mm or .40 carry in Glock, but standard issue is .40 Glock 22. Alot of the SWAT guys have gone back to 9mm for increased control on entry teams, they think up close at bad breath range it don’t matter all that much, especally with double/triple taps. But for general patrol carry the .40 S&W is considered the street standard. Interestingly we just approved 1911 pattern for patrol and SWAT carry IF you can score at least 95 of the qual possible and buy and carry only a gun on the approved list, mostly 1500 – 2000K guns. And oh ya if you shoot somebody its likely you will never see the gun again as it will be kept as potential evidence piece in any furture civil action and the dept will not buy you a new one. Loose a Glock and you will have a new one the next day…..

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