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You guys may not know Mike Kupari… But you should know Nightcrawler from many of the best Gun Forums such as WeTheArmed.com… And I know that you know Larry “Freaking” Corriea.  Mike and Larry have written one of the very best books I’ve ever read.  They have made Tom Clancy’s stuff look like an old lady’s knitting circle.  It’s called Dead Six.  It’s now available on Amazon.com. Go… Now… Order this book.

Mike is serving in The Stan over there running around defusing IED’s and shit… Keeping US Forces safe… So while he’s doing the Hurt Locker thing, being a “Big Damn Hero”, the least you can do is order a copy of his book!   While you are on Amazon, order a copy of Uprising USA, and the latest Monster Hunter International book and Grimnoir Chronicles… on that order you are going to get free shipping, so its like you are getting Uprising USA for free!   Can’t beat that. Do it…That’s the Utah Brotherhood Trinity right there!  Mike, George, Larry… Kinda the Utah version of Larry, Moe and Curly.  Still… order the book.  It really is an awesome read.  Full of gratuitous violence with much grit and harshness.  Kicks profound ass.

No matter what you do… Get Dead Six, because every time you do, a Taliban Terrorist cries.

MHI: The Series

Congratulations to Larry Correia… he just sold the TV rights to MHI.  I think a TV show is likely.   Larry first gave me word of this at SHOT Show while on the way to get some chow… he said that it was in the works, but nothing finalized.  Well, now it’s a done deal.   That’s awesome.

All I gotta say… I want to be in the cast!