Lever Action Reaction

There are few firearms that just give me such gratification as a lever action rifle. The elegant lines that fuse form and function with a mechanical simplicity that makes the Lever Action one of the most beautiful of all firearms.  Doesn’t matter which lever you have… they are truly lovely.  I find myself simply taking out my Rossi made Winchester 92 clone, just to look at it, just to feel it, just to hold it in my hands.  I’ve got a lot of other guns that I like… but they don’t stick in my mind like that little 92.  I’ve got my guns I use for certain purposes… and to be honest, this 92 doesn’t fall in to any of those purposes. But that’s all besides the point.  I could probably very easily adopt the 92 for more serious purposes.  Maybe I will. But I do prefer the right tool for the right job, shotguns, magazine fed semi-auto rifles, long range precision bolt actions.  And they are all fine and good within their spheres.  But if I had to have just one gun… well… that would still be an 870, but the 92 is encroaching on that in a big way.

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    1. No, I sold that to a WTA Member who remains quite fond of it. I’ve been thinking about getting another one, as I believe you can get the Kevlar stock for them now.

  1. I have been known to sit around working the lever on the Howitzer just to hear and watch the mechanical slickness going on.
    I am going out of state for a job today… the Lever is what is going down with me.


  2. Ogre ever get a chance to read “Recon of Worlds” on Amazon? Just asking cause I can’t stand not knowing!!!

  3. Though I recognize the role of the shotgun it baffles me that you consistently give it the one gun honors. What if they are out there a good distance or there’s a bunch of ’em. My Winchesters give me an extra shot over the 870 but I’ll still grab a Kalashnikov with a clear Bulgarian 40 rounder if I am unsure of the situation. How about all the impressionable minds out there who all to often don’t ever get to the range. Yes they’re real. I say a twelve isn’t so bad, then they call me a liar. I have seen those I thought to be fairly tough crumple like paper after firing a full power 00 shot, “I told you to hold it tight.” Also I was stunned to see a pump gun can be jammed. I still don’t know WTF he did but he jammed it. What about cover and armor? Yes this really irritates me. Many people go with the shotgun as “the one gun” in part due to mindlessly listening to people like you, many will find out it was the wrong choice when it is to late. There is a reason armies are full of riflemen and not shotgunners. Oh, and I love lever guns just as much, but given the choice I’ll take something else into a fight.

    1. Nate, any gun can have a failure, especially if you have people who don’t really know how to run them and then short-stroke the action. That’s the easiest way to jam a pump. I’ve also seem many an AK jam up. These things happen. What you want is a gun that has a high “Mean Rounds Between Failures”. Now with potential threats at range, this is where a shotgun is underestimated. I take people who come to my shotgun classes from 0 to 200 yards. I’ve also demonstrated the shotgun to 300 and even 400 yards. This was documented and witnessed.
      “Mindlessly listening to people like me.” Yes, people do listen to me, that’s what I get paid for. I am paid for my opinions and for passing along my knowledge gathered from a very broad base of experience. Feel free to disagree with me… but I doubt try to insult me. My 12 year old kid can rock any of my 12 gauge pumps and doesn’t jam them. My 10 year old can run it as well, with lighter loads. Boasting of your own incompetence in instructing/showing off your shotgun doesn’t make me wrong.

  4. I like a good lever, have two but for fast in close a pump carbine like the Timerwolf is tops. Shotty, well pistol grip for the house and short barrel pump mossberg by the door waiting for the couger seen across the street to come back. Here Kittty Kitty!

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