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This most recent post of Gunfighter Cast talks about MAG-40, Slipstream, and the crushing defeat I handed to Shaw of Japan.

Okay, I have to give some clarification here.  The Gun Dudes and Shaw of Japan were mostly way over on the far left side of the Range, with Gundoc… Positions 1-15 over there.  I was in position 32 or something… the very last shooting position. This wasn’t planned.  What happened was that we were told we would not be shooting on Day One.  So I didn’t go get my ammo before getting in there that first morning.  I planned on buying the ammo and shooting on Day Two.  Well, it turns out you do shoot on Day One.  I was offered guns and holsters and ammo… an the generosity was humbling. But I feel bad for shooting another man’s ammo, especially when ammo is so expensive these days.  So I humbly stood back.  I also had a raging migraine, and part of me just didn’t feel like blasting.  Okay, so the next day I had my ammo, my gun, my holster, my magazines… and my headache was very diminished thanks to Gator-Bull with breakfast.  Now when we lined back up, everyone was told to take your same positions as the day before.  Ah… I didn’t have one, so that meant I was in the back of the bus… out there at the far right where I was stuck with Stan of the Gun Dudes.  What it was, was Shaw of Japan was relieved that he didn’t have to stand side by side with the Ogre.  Yeah, I shot a higher score, but I have to hand it to Daniel, the man can seriously shoot.  His groups were much better than mine and I thought he was stomping me.  See, I was shooting during the first rotation, and Shaw of Japan was in the Second.  Since I was at the very end, I had no shooter I had to back up, so I got to go keep tabs on our young Marine.  I honestly thought he was kicking my trash… so I walked away, getting ready to eat crow pie.  I was surprised that I had won.  Shaw dropped his shots firing from the required Weaver position, which he hates. If he didn’t have to fire from Weaver – Shaw would have won.  But he did… so I did.  But now the challenge is on.  Next time he’s out this way, we’ll go for again… with M-4’s.  His weapon of Choice.

Back to the pod cast.  This is a good one to listen to.  When you get these guys together, that’s some dang good Pod Casting.  If you are not listening to these Pod Casts – you really are missing out.  I know there are a ton of them out there… but Gunfighter and Gun Dudes are the ones to listen to first.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I would avoid taking a class that required me to shoot from a position that was less effective for me, if I knew in advance they were that way.

    1. You need to learn how to shoot from every position, strong and weak handed. A gunfight wont allow you to take your best position and do everything you do at the range. Any good class will have you shooting from a less effective position. Of course, you are mistaking “effective” with “comfortable”.

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