Total Pipe Dream

One of the things I did when I was young was design stuff. I aircraft, cars, boats, and bikes. I remember designing sport bikes a lot… and a few choppers. All my dreaming about a bike had me doodling a little, and then that lead to me running though images of motorcycles… and then I found it.  The bike that is just like I would have designed myself. My dream bike.

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I find this highly offensive

The only Assault going on here is the assault on Lawful Gun Owners. The Brady Campaign needs to remember that Gun Owners tend to be Voters and are politically aware.
Let’s also note that there is no such thing as “Assault Clips”. So anytime you hear anyone say that… Correct them. There is no such thing for one, for the other – it’s a magazine not a clip. Then remind them that the Assault Weapons Ban did NOTHING to curb crime when Clinton did it. And when the ban sunsetted and went away – Violence and Crime didn’t go up.

The other thing that’s offensive is the blocking of firearm related websites. is often blocked because of weapons related posts. What’s offensive is that in a lot of these places that block gun sites – they don’t block pornography. Porn is OKAY, but Guns are a No-No. THAT is highly offensive. So much so, that there should be a Class Action Lawsuit. Firearms are protected by the Constitution, perfectly legal… yet some how more seedy than porn? Which would you rather have your employees looking at while at work? Information about a gun or gun safety, or barely legal teen lesbians? Come on.

Flaming Hot Chips

Discussion here at the gun counter. Talking about snack foods. Someone mentioned “Flaming Hot Chips”.
Ogre: “Wasn’t that a Cop Show in San Francisco?”
Fenris: “Heeeeyyyy, ssslow dooown!”
Ogre: “You get a super special ticket!”
Oh man… laughed so hard, I have tears.

Campaign BS, Elections have Consequences

Last year, when I was running for State Rep, I listened to my opponent talk about his support of Education.
I’m sitting here looking at MASSIVE cuts to Education, when the State should be investing in it. Now, more than ever, we need to put money into education.
Hmmm… I thought the people elected someone who supported Education.
Way to go, John.