7 thoughts on “This woman rocks.”

  1. We are not in a war… Ron Paul tried to get congress to vote for a declaration of war. they didn’t. We are doing something, but legally, it is not a war.

    If congress wants to invoke war powers, they need to declare a war first.

    I say this as if the government actually cares about rules.

  2. But you didn’t link part 2 where she pulls bacon bookmarks out of her Koran, then pulls out pages and burns them. Then gives her home address.

    If I was single …

  3. Why isn’t she in the kitchen?

    JK!!! 😉

    The whole “jackass” thing got a little tiresome for me. And I believe she could have got her point across without sounding like Graham got to her at that time of the month.

  4. …then I suppose the Founders lost you at “they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…”

  5. Nah, eighteenth century, what are you gonna do? These days though it’s usually indicative of a pretty weak argument. Either way the video is ten minutes long, and do you have any idea how many funny cat videos I could be watching in that ten minutes instead? LOTS.

  6. Gotta give her some props for having the intestinal fortitude to actually call out one of our mealy-mouthed spineless “representatives”. Almost wish I was single so I could court her.

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