SIG’s Mistake

SIG normally makes fantastic handguns.
And then they make the Mosquito. They used to have a fantastic .22 auto in the form of the Trailside. They traded out of their line, the Trailside, which was every bit as good as a Browning Buckmark… to the Mosquito, which is about as good as a case of the Flu.

22 thoughts on “SIG’s Mistake”

  1. I believe that the Trailside was made by Hamerelli but imported by SIG and that the Mosquito was made by another company in Germany and SIG bought the manufacturing rights. Neither is a real SIG original product. I bought my wife a Mosquito for Christmas 2006 and regretted it ever since. It’s such a POS that never worked out of the box and the price for extra magazines is insane.

  2. I just got a .22 upper for my sig 228 frame. I liked that option better then getting the mosquito.

  3. Sig needs to act like they make fantastic handguns, like they are the ones setting the trends. Instead they chase around the latest trends, tweak things that don’t need tweaking, as if they’re fighting for scraps at the dinner table. fortunately they still do make great handguns, but they don’t get hyped as much as the stupid junk that gets rushed through production. (I’m looking at you, P238)

  4. What SIG needs to do is obliterate their P250 line, lower dealer cost by 300 dollars, and stop offering The Unicorn Horn Grips, and Pixie Dust Finish and simplfiy their product line.

    1. The 250 did give SIG a lower priced point gun… but then they brought back the 2022 model, which smokes it. So,yes, the P250 needs to die.

  5. Exactly, and then HYPE IT! Their bread and butter guns are awesome! Some say they are on the same reliability plane as Glocks. I love my sig, but they sure make some bonehead decisions sometimes.

  6. Well they have a good thing going w Hogue for grips right now and Mattitude is right the trailslide is a hammerli. Too bad because they are badass.

    Fwiw it appears their 522 is a winner.

  7. In my opinion SIG seems to lack direction as a company and it shows in both their pistol and their rifle lineup. If you add a 1911 to your lineup, what does that say about your proprietary line of pistols? If you add ARs to your lineup……

    SIG 556. Where’s the 6.8 option?
    SIG 55x type in 7.62×51 ….. Where is it?
    SIG 516 (yawn, another AR)
    SIG 716 (yawn, another AR)

    I was very interested in a SIG 55X rifle in either .308 or 6.8, but since it isn’t offered, I decided not to pass up on a deal on an ACR.

    1. It seems, based on internet chatter, that Sig has applied their super reliability magic to a 1911, so that when you buy a 1911, it’s reliability is iffy, unless it’s a sig 1911. Those seem to just run flawlessly like their proprietary guns.

      Regarding the other guns, I agree that they are trying to do everything, and they are behind the trend.

  8. George did mention the Buckmark. I have had the occasions to put a number of rounds through one. It is a fun range gun that can get far down range with decent accuracy. Too bad the Browning factory rep was arrogant, of what they do make, they make well. Looking at the auto industry for comparison, Sig should learn that re-branding is a hit or miss proposition and missing means damage control to your reputation.

    A side question? If Moses Browning was still alive and kicking today, what would he likely invent or improve upon?

  9. I would *love* to own a SIG P210 Military but unfortunately SIG has priced them for only the elite collectors and shooters. To me the P210 is the pinnacle of SIG manufacturing, quality and art (it is a work of art BTW) but with processes today there is no reason to charge over a thousand dollars for it. The SIG 55x (7.62×51) is available in Europe but as the firearms world knows that the USA is the top market and what bad business it is to NOT release it here.

    1. Dude, a P210 is something I have always wanted. I remember having to pass on one for 600 bucks in Virginia, because I was broke at the time.

      1. Why is it that the Swiss Military gets a match grade sidearm and a sweet “assault” rifle…and they get to keep them in their HOME!!! Why is it a common sight in Switzerland to see someone riding a bike with their “assault” rifle slung across their back? Why do the Swiss have 300m open sight shooting “competitions” on a yearly basis with their citizenry? Why is this not happening in the most free country in the world…but in the middle of Europe? If I had to live anywhere in Euroland it would definately be in Switzerland.

  10. I agree with everything that has been said about SIG here. They are dumb as a bag of black dongs for not offering Swiss versions of their rifle line here in the US.

    I own a 522 and it’s one of the best .22LR rifles I’ve ever shot. It just happens to be by beneficial coincidence that it resembles a 55x.

    Any way, I guess I must have lucked out or struck virtual firearms gold, because I have a Mosquito and it is awesome. I’m probably pushing 5,000 rounds or more on it now. It rarely fails, except with the shittiest bulk ammo. It will eat Remington Golden Bullet and Federal Bulk all day long. I can pick off pinecones with little effort at 25 yards. I don’t clean it for an entire 550 round brick and it’s still ready for more. This thing goes with me on every camping/hiking trip.

    I feel bad for those that had problems. I don’t know what the deal is. The only thing I had to do to mine was do a little trigger work on it.

    I know it’s been a few months since you made this post, but just stopped by to say that at least one person loves his Mosquito.

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