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Auto Rags

To judge an automotive journal these days, you can’t take them on just their print media anymore… You have to look at their social media as well.  That means facebook, instagram, twitter, and Youtube.  How connected the magazine is to its audience, and how relevant the information and entertainment is.

The top three are MotorTrend,  Road & Track, and Car & Driver.
In that order.

MT is awesome in Print and Video.  Their channel on YouTube is a Must to Subscribe.
R&T has FB posts so good that if you are a Car Guy, you are missing out of you don’t follow them.
C&D has solid FB posts and a good layout in the printed medium.  Their writers have some good insight that provides more perspective.

If I was to only pick one, MotorTrend would be the Magazine.  But MotorTrend is not as strong without it’s social media.   As solid as it is.   A couple years ago I used to think that these magazines were going to be a thing of the past and that Digital Media is the future.  I could get the magazine, as printed, in digital form on tablet or smart phone.  Here’s the thing though… I did that.  And it was interesting.  But nothing beats kicking back with the Printed Pages.  No batteries, no distractions… Unplugged.   I find that I enjoy the magazine so much better than it’s digital counterpart.  While the digital format of the magazine is great… I really prefer it in print and will read an issue cover to cover.  In digital, really it’s just skimming the photos while you are waiting for something else to happen.
Print is not dead.


Recoil on Recoil

So the Editor if Recoil Magazine issued an Apology.  I’m not going to post his bullshit, but it was basically him saying “I’m sorry you were offended.”  Not that he was sorry he made an error in saying it… just sorry that you took it to be offensive.  That’s not an apology.  That’s what I say when what I really want to say is “Fuck you, and fuck off.” 
George Bush said this to China when a Chinese Fighter ran into one of our P3 Orion’s and caused it to crash land… China demanded an apology and Bush basically said “We’re sorry your fighter pilot ran into our plane.”  Again, Bush basically gave China the middle finger.
So with Recoil giving us the Middle Finger, it’s time to return the favor to them.
Recoil is a magazine.  Magazines make their money not by selling the rag – that just covers costs – but by selling Advertising.
Instead of contacting Recoil Magazine, we contact those that have been advertising in the magazine:
Magpul, Panteo, Bravo Company. 
We need to contact these guys and request that they stand up for Civilian Gun Owners and withdraw all their advertising from Recoil.
Recoil needs to die on the vine.  It was a shallow rag at best with no actual content and these companies advertising with them can do better in other venues.  
In fact, ask them to Advertise instead with Armed American Radio and Mark Walters will give them a smoking good deal if they Jump Ship over to AAR Advertising.
I’m still pissed at Recoil… They had a good idea at a nice high end magazine, but really failed at not hiring actual Gun Guys to edit and write for them.  This is a fatal flaw that needs to be shoved right through the heart.

It is possible to save Recoil.  The Layout Artists are good, but the writers and editors need to be replaced to the person.  Especially JT, the moron who started this mess. When Recoil gets a new Staff, it could become one of the best magazines out there. 
But to be honest, I don’t see this happening.

What’s sad though is all the good magazines that have gone away… I miss OMNI Magazine.  *sigh*

I find this highly offensive

The only Assault going on here is the assault on Lawful Gun Owners. The Brady Campaign needs to remember that Gun Owners tend to be Voters and are politically aware.
Let’s also note that there is no such thing as “Assault Clips”. So anytime you hear anyone say that… Correct them. There is no such thing for one, for the other – it’s a magazine not a clip. Then remind them that the Assault Weapons Ban did NOTHING to curb crime when Clinton did it. And when the ban sunsetted and went away – Violence and Crime didn’t go up.

The other thing that’s offensive is the blocking of firearm related websites. MadOgre.com is often blocked because of weapons related posts. What’s offensive is that in a lot of these places that block gun sites – they don’t block pornography. Porn is OKAY, but Guns are a No-No. THAT is highly offensive. So much so, that there should be a Class Action Lawsuit. Firearms are protected by the Constitution, perfectly legal… yet some how more seedy than porn? Which would you rather have your employees looking at while at work? Information about a gun or gun safety, or barely legal teen lesbians? Come on.