I find this highly offensive

The only Assault going on here is the assault on Lawful Gun Owners. The Brady Campaign needs to remember that Gun Owners tend to be Voters and are politically aware.
Let’s also note that there is no such thing as “Assault Clips”. So anytime you hear anyone say that… Correct them. There is no such thing for one, for the other – it’s a magazine not a clip. Then remind them that the Assault Weapons Ban did NOTHING to curb crime when Clinton did it. And when the ban sunsetted and went away – Violence and Crime didn’t go up.

The other thing that’s offensive is the blocking of firearm related websites. MadOgre.com is often blocked because of weapons related posts. What’s offensive is that in a lot of these places that block gun sites – they don’t block pornography. Porn is OKAY, but Guns are a No-No. THAT is highly offensive. So much so, that there should be a Class Action Lawsuit. Firearms are protected by the Constitution, perfectly legal… yet some how more seedy than porn? Which would you rather have your employees looking at while at work? Information about a gun or gun safety, or barely legal teen lesbians? Come on.

14 thoughts on “I find this highly offensive”

  1. The north Hollywood machine gun bank robbery and shootout took place right in the middle of the “Assault Weapon” Ban.

  2. You know what’s funny? They only fired 17 shots in this video. So their live fire demonstration is actually about how deadly the standard Glock 17 is.

  3. Based on that grip, maybe that 17th round caused the slide to rip the web of his hand open and he couldn’t finish the remaining rounds.

    How could a single issue organization be 100% clueless from start to finish on their pet topic?

    1. Easy. They’re leftists, and as such, have no need for actual “information or facts”.
      ‘Facts’ are so ‘inconvenient’; and only get in the way of their objectives.

  4. A thought an assault clip was the segment of the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, where they landed on Omaha Beach.

  5. The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, why don’t they just drop the “Violence” part.

  6. When I watched the video it had 22,251 views, and this actually a high number compared to many other Brady Campaign videos on their channel. Most of the hits they get are from pro gun sits like this one showing the campaign’s plethora of fallacies and ill logic. It would be interesting to learn how many hits all gun bloggers have gotten on posts that include a link to Brady videos and then compare that to the brady channal total views. My guess is that very few people follow the Bradys these days due to their emotionally driven arguments being consistently disproven by actual fact.

  7. Hell, it amazes me how many gun owners talk about clips and bullets.

    Clips are for shooting 9mm in a wheel gun.

    Bullets are on the business end of a cartridge. A bullet alone is pretty useless.

    But you hear it all the time.

  8. One of my pet FARKING peeves about this (among many other things) is the use of “clip” and “magazine” interchangeably. What they told me in basic training, was that one loads a MAGAZINE using a CLIP. Or-as SquirrelCutter mentioned-for using rimless ammo in wheel guns.

    My other peeve is The BC in general. WTF is their problem? It pains me to say this (though I wasn’t even BORN yet) if Hinckley had been a better shot, The Brady Campaign (which according to my resources was known as “Handgun Control, Inc.” before Brady was hit) wouldn’t have the power, influence, and resources it does today. They may have not won nearly as many infringements on my 2nd Amendment RIGHT as they have.

    Hell-maybe I wouldn’t have to drop $15k in order to buy an M-16…

  9. I must object!

    There most certainly ARE assault clips.

    Ask anyone who’s thumb has been savaged while loading a Garand!

  10. You know, Paypal blocks a lot of gun related item sales, but they accept $ when Amazon sells “How to be a pedophile”.

  11. What if any law that makes an error in grammar or in diction were invalid? Of course, I do have to wonder if someone hasn’t made a beefy version of the .303 clips that I use to load my SMLE. . .

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