Total Pipe Dream

One of the things I did when I was young was design stuff. I aircraft, cars, boats, and bikes. I remember designing sport bikes a lot… and a few choppers. All my dreaming about a bike had me doodling a little, and then that lead to me running though images of motorcycles… and then I found it.  The bike that is just like I would have designed myself. My dream bike.

Yup, total pipe dream.

This is the Victory Vegas 8-Ball with some custom pipes.  Imagine that air cover with a Crusader logo on it.    Ah man… That’s the bike.  That’s it right there, done.   That’s so beautiful it hurts me.

Yeah, I know… it’s a total pipe dream.  I shouldn’t even bother looking at it.   Because there is no way in hell I’ll be getting one.   Oh well.

8 thoughts on “Total Pipe Dream”

  1. Well George, you’ve been saying you wanted a motorcycle.

    I saw a TV commercial with a Dark Custom that was pretty sexy, but I hope I never own another motorcycle. Here in the general DFW Metromess area it is just too easy to get smote by one of the idiots sending LOLs to their BFF.

    1. Which is why you drive offensively on a scoot. Only two types of bikers. Them that have gone down and them that will go down.

      Happened to me twice and the second time changed my whole attitude toward biking.

      Your head must be on a swivel. Be aware of all the traffic around you and anticipate their moves. Look insed through the windows to see what they are doing (drinking a beverage, eating, reading, texting, putting on make up, getting a blow job and so on.)

      Pass Semi’s as fast as you can.

      Watch the front tires of the cars in front of you.

      Watch any vehicle approaching you from behind too fast when you are stopped at an intersection for a red light. If they are coming too fast, drop the kickstand and walk away from the bike while you watch them smash it into the cross traffic.

      Avoid choke points where you have no escape like in between two eighteen wheelers because the car in front of you is blocking your way through.

      Never drive a scooter drunk, hung over, or tired. etc.

      You have to be hyper aware at all times.

      In light traffic, drive slightly faster then everyone else unless you have plenty of safety cushion all around you 360 degrees.

      I now wear a helmet at all times, but that is a personal choice. Where clothing that will protect your skin and bones and that includes good foot protection, something with a steal toe.

      1. Oh, the only thing that Eightball is missing is a wind screen, otherwise, nice bike.

        I can do without all the helmet buffeting from the wind. It also blocks the swarms of bees and hornets you drive through so you don’t have to pull over to the side of the road to frantically swat them out of your clothing because they are stinging you to death.

        Bugs hitting the skin (especially night riding) sting like the dickens @ 70 mph. Especially then pesky June bugs. Ouch!

    2. Amen brother, I get down in that area on my Streetbob now and then, and it can be intense sometimes.

  2. George, you just need to break down and get a bike. I sold a bunch of my guns off and bought one last year. Its just a Suzuki Bouldevard M-50 but i love riding it. Check out Triumph. Im way in love with the Thumderbird. THeres alot of history with the badge and its more affordable than HD or Victory. I may be able to break the wife down by next riding season….

  3. And that, dear Ogre, is why we play the lottery.
    That and to buy all those neat guns Crusader puts out.
    Off to the सेवेन एलेवें for lottery tickets.

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