Campaign BS, Elections have Consequences

Last year, when I was running for State Rep, I listened to my opponent talk about his support of Education.
I’m sitting here looking at MASSIVE cuts to Education, when the State should be investing in it. Now, more than ever, we need to put money into education.
Hmmm… I thought the people elected someone who supported Education.
Way to go, John.

7 thoughts on “Campaign BS, Elections have Consequences”

  1. Tim Russert used to play clips of politicians lying through their teeth back to them on Meet the Press. He devastated Hillary Clinton like that when he co-moderated one of the Democratic primary debates. We need more of that and less opinion nonsense.

  2. Lack of money is not the problem with our education. Private schools turn our very much better educated kids than gov’t schools at a fraction of the cost. Throwing more money at education is NOT the answer. Holding teachers and administrators accountable is. Get rid of tenure and the teachers unions. Pay for performance and stop social promotion.

    1. To get rid of Tenure, you’d have to get rid of Teachers Unions. Something I’d not shed a tear over. Lots of waste with education money, I know. School Administrators making phone number salaries; buying iPads for 2nd Graders; etc.
      But what gets cut is the actual EDUCATION.
      I think we need a whole new school system. Top to Bottom rebuild of the whole enchilada.

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