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Crusader Training Day

5-7-11: Defensive Pistol Course.
Location: Buckskin Hills Shooting Complex.
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Fee: $200 per person. $25 Discount for each student you bring with you.
Bring: 300 rounds of ammunition for your weapon, a good holster, belt. Food and Drink, you’ll want to bring some. We’ll take an hour lunch break, but it’s a distance to go for lunch and back. Chairs or shade will have to be brought with you. Sunscreen is advised.

Required Reading: The Book of Two Guns.

The Book of Two Guns, by Tiger McKee.  “The Martial Art of the 1911 pistol and AR Carbine”

Tiger sent me an autographed copy of his book.

It’s a very interesting book.  I’ve not seen a book like this in years.  It’s not just written by Tiger, but its actually written by Tiger.  As in Hand Written.  Pen and Ink.  The man has very good handwriting I have to say.   This makes the book very personal, and you can hear his voice as you read it… that slow, calm, southern drawl.

More importantly, this is a very good look at the use of these weapons… and many principles carry over to other weapons as well.  So Don’t think if you roll with Glocks and AK’s you wouldn’t get anything out of this book.  I’m considering this book to be Required Reading.


March 26th, Crusader Defensive Pistol

March 26th, 9AM, at the Buckskin Hills Range.   Crusader Defensive Pistol Course.

As usual, the price is 200 dollars per person.  If you bring a friend or a spouse, you get 25 bucks off the cost of your course.   You bring two people, that’s 50 bucks off.   Payment in advance of the course.

350 rounds of ammunition, food, water, and clothing appropriate for the weather.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Train with Sealed Mindset & Larry Yatch

You’ve heard him on Armed American Radio.  You’ve seen him on National Geographic Television.  Retired Navy SEAL and founder of Sealed Mindset, Larry Yatch, in conjunction with Armed American Radio will be conducting TWO classes in the greater Atlanta, GA area on Saturday April 2nd and Sunday April 3rd.  Sealed Mindset’s DEFENSIVE HANDGUN course will be held on Saturday April 2nd.  Sealed Mindset DEFENSIVE CARBINE course will be held on Sunday April 3rd.  Larry Yatch will also conduct PRIVATE LESSONS for SEVEN lucky people on Friday, April 1st!  Both classes will be held at the brand new state of the art, Patriot Range designed facility at BIG WOODS GOODS Extreme Hunting and Shooting facility in Holly Springs, GA just 30 minutes north of downtown Atlanta, GA.  There will be a dinner engagement on Saturday April 2nd to meet Larry and Mark and to listen to Larry discuss some of his incredible SEAL activities on behalf of our country.   The cost of the dinner is included with the Handgun and Carbine Class fee when the Warrior Training package is purchased.  Participation is limited to 20 attendees per class.

Courses include classroom and range work each day with only 150 rounds of ammo required per student.  This is the opportunity to learn real gunfighting skills directly from one of America’s true heroes.


Sheep for the slaughter

You’ve all heard the news about the 2 soldiers that were killed in Germany.  I’m not going to go into all that… save for one small little detail.   Our soldiers were unarmed.

Once again, “Policy” has killed our troops.  Our Policy is that all US Forces are unarmed almost all the time.  This Policy allowed for more deaths at Ft. Hood as well.

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Tentative Date: Crusader Training 3-26

The only date in March that I have for Training is the 26th.  The course is Defensive Pistol, as that’s what most folks are asking for right off the bat.

However that time last year, and the year before, the Range was a Mud Bog.  The ground, isn’t frozen anymore and the soil is completely saturated.  4×4’s get stuck, in fact, last year… several did.  So I’m looking for an alternative venue.  There are a couple possibilities, one on the Wasatch Front.   I’ll post as things develop.

Another thing I want to do is a Crusader Teaghlach Training Day:  A training day for Family Members and Close Friends of Crusader Weaponry…  Wives, In Laws, Parents, and even Children.  Grilling and Gunning at the Range.  I’m thinking early summer.   Cost of the course will be Meat and Beverages.

Shoot them all the way to the ground!

Our friend Terry over on WeTheArmed made a hillarious spoof. The story goes back to the merciless mocking of a super serious training video:

Remember… it has to be “brooom!” That’s funny stuff right there.
Here’s Terry’s improvement on the fighting style:

I have to admit that I like Terry’s style better. The old guy just ends with pointing the gun in the target’s face at an inch away. Why end there? Knock the target down and finish it off Gangster Style! Because no court would convict you on this… it was totally self defense and not an opportunity to just straight up kill someone… no…
I bet Massad Ayoob totally teaches the same thing. I mean, this guy here, whatever his name is… he dropped the name Colonel Applegate, right? Yeah, totally legit.