Shoot them all the way to the ground!

Our friend Terry over on WeTheArmed made a hillarious spoof. The story goes back to the merciless mocking of a super serious training video:

Remember… it has to be “brooom!” That’s funny stuff right there.
Here’s Terry’s improvement on the fighting style:

I have to admit that I like Terry’s style better. The old guy just ends with pointing the gun in the target’s face at an inch away. Why end there? Knock the target down and finish it off Gangster Style! Because no court would convict you on this… it was totally self defense and not an opportunity to just straight up kill someone… no…
I bet Massad Ayoob totally teaches the same thing. I mean, this guy here, whatever his name is… he dropped the name Colonel Applegate, right? Yeah, totally legit.

8 thoughts on “Shoot them all the way to the ground!”

  1. Holy crap, rarely am I at a loss for words…wow, just…wow. Paladin will publish anything these days. Spoof video, well I’m always up for some fun and all but you still gotta be safe. If his foot got caught on the target frame it’s possible an arm flail would happen and a windmilling gun could be a little dangerous. A friend of mine on a guitar forum just had his middle finger on his left hand amputated the other day from a firearm accident, so stuff happens as they say and now his ability to play guitar is really in question.

    1. Regardless of how it looks, trust that it was safe. If it makes you feel better, know that my finger wasn’t on the trigger while not firing. As well, I was aware of my surroundings. Had I fallen the weapon would have remained pointed in a safe direction.

      I’ve been handling guns for a long time.

  2. OK, not being familiar with he back story, I thought the first video was the spoof. I was really laughing until I figured out it was the serious one.

  3. I hope to God that this clown doesn’t train actual people. I would be willing to bet that he got his technique from some really bad action movies from the 70’s or something along those lines. Col. Applegate must be associated with Col. Trautman, regardless one person’s opinion on “proper” police technique doesn’t mean squat. T., I’m sure you made the scenario safe for your spoof, I just don’t like seeing good people collect any Darwin awards.

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