Oleg and a Broadsword

Oleg Volk has been sent one of our Broadsword rifles, the same one that Rob Pincus as just tested.  Yes, the Broadsword really does look that cool.    In fact, it can be cooler yet, because we can do your Broadsword in whatever colors you want.  Coyote Tan.  Flat Dark Earth.  Murder Black.  Our Signature Gray.  Ogre Green.  Whatever you want.

The Broadsword rifle from Crusader Weaponry.  A 762 that shoots like a 556.  Rugged, reliable, and deadly accurate.  This is the best 762 AR type weapon on the planet, bar none.  If you buy anything else, you have made a mistake.

In the picture is the Broadsword wearing Diamondhead sights and an Elcan optic which are not included, but one could consider them “Serving Suggestions”.  I would suggest these highly, as I would also suggest perhaps a 6x ACOG.

The Election

Words can not describe my utter dismay and disappointment with the Election.  I am glad MadOgre.com has been down for a few days since the election – because my ranting would have been as incoherent as Liberal Logic.

We have (as a Nation) re-elected the guy that basically ordered the death of a US Ambassador and a couple US Navy SEALS.    We’ve elected the guy that bows before leaders of other nations, not as a lack of tact – but as a symbol to the world that America is lower than the others.  Come on, he even bowed to a Florida Mayor.   We’ve elected the guy that has been to all 57 States.  The guy that claimed to be a Foreign Student at Colombia.  The guy that grew up hating America.  We’ve elected to keep sending Chewbacca on expensive and extravagant vacations.  We’ve elected to keep going down the path of Socialism and destruction.

As a Nation… We have really and truly fucked up.   How did this happen?

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Crusader Weaponry at SHOT SHOW

Both Joe and I will be going to SHOT SHOW 2013.  While there, we will be interviewed by a pretty big magazine in the gunslinger community.  We will be making contacts, taking names, and generally kicking ass.  I’ll be interviewing some people, taking pics and vids and such.  A group of Bloggers are going to be meeting for a lunch one of the days there.  It’s going to be a blast.

Server Failure

Sorry for the Down Time, Guys.  
My Host suffered a massive failure in a Blade Server Stack that brought down all the servers, including MadOgre.com and a bunch of commercial clients.  A pretty expensive event there.  This happened last Sunday afternoon about 4 PM and it’s been down all week.  It’s now Thursday, 2:23PM and it looks like we’re back up.

I’ve been offered hosting by about four different sources…. But it would be hard to change.  Since I registered MadOgre.com, I’ve used the same host.   I pay a very reasonable fee quarterly and I pretty much get away with whatever the hell I want.  So I am reluctant to make a switch as many of you  have been encouraging me to do.  I was freaked out like crazy just changing over to Word Press.  I did NOTEPAD for years and then used MS FrontPage for years after… and now Word Press.  I take a long time to get comfortable changing anything. 

Anyways, for you MadOgre.com readers, most any time MO is down, I’m found on Facebook under my real name, or I’m on WeTheArmed.com.