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Server Failure

Sorry for the Down Time, Guys.  
My Host suffered a massive failure in a Blade Server Stack that brought down all the servers, including and a bunch of commercial clients.  A pretty expensive event there.  This happened last Sunday afternoon about 4 PM and it’s been down all week.  It’s now Thursday, 2:23PM and it looks like we’re back up.

I’ve been offered hosting by about four different sources…. But it would be hard to change.  Since I registered, I’ve used the same host.   I pay a very reasonable fee quarterly and I pretty much get away with whatever the hell I want.  So I am reluctant to make a switch as many of you  have been encouraging me to do.  I was freaked out like crazy just changing over to Word Press.  I did NOTEPAD for years and then used MS FrontPage for years after… and now Word Press.  I take a long time to get comfortable changing anything. 

Anyways, for you readers, most any time MO is down, I’m found on Facebook under my real name, or I’m on  


  1. M's Gravatar M

    Now I can get my fix. Sheesh!

  2. Buck's Gravatar Buck

    Glad you are back and all is OK!

  3. Rich's Gravatar Rich

    Good that you are back up again.

  4. Caryn's Gravatar Caryn

    I am so glad you are back…my mornings are not the same with out your writings to read!!

  5. Spitfire's Gravatar Spitfire

    Glad you’re back….missed you…thought election results might have been the cause!

  6. coelacanth's Gravatar coelacanth

    No worries. Glad you’re back up and running.

  7. carter's Gravatar carter

    Thought obama silenced you!!

    Glad your back

  8. 11/08/2012    

    There is no excuse for a webhost to be down more than a couple of hours.

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