Server Failure

Sorry for the Down Time, Guys.  
My Host suffered a massive failure in a Blade Server Stack that brought down all the servers, including and a bunch of commercial clients.  A pretty expensive event there.  This happened last Sunday afternoon about 4 PM and it’s been down all week.  It’s now Thursday, 2:23PM and it looks like we’re back up.

I’ve been offered hosting by about four different sources…. But it would be hard to change.  Since I registered, I’ve used the same host.   I pay a very reasonable fee quarterly and I pretty much get away with whatever the hell I want.  So I am reluctant to make a switch as many of you  have been encouraging me to do.  I was freaked out like crazy just changing over to Word Press.  I did NOTEPAD for years and then used MS FrontPage for years after… and now Word Press.  I take a long time to get comfortable changing anything. 

Anyways, for you readers, most any time MO is down, I’m found on Facebook under my real name, or I’m on  

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