Armchair Quarterbacking: SIG SAUER

SIG has always been one of my favorite gun companies.  I’ve said before that SIG is one of the three gun makers that I would bet my life on out of the box.  Their handguns on the 22X series are world class.  The P220 has been called “The Thinking Man’s .45.”  And for good reason.  It’s extremely accurate and reliable… a personal favorite as is the 228 and 229 pistols.  I tend to equate SIG as being the Mercedes Benz of the handgun world.  SIG’s 550 series of rifles is also top notch.  Yet SIG is not without its flaws.  What SIG makes themselves is generally pretty dang good… What SIG doesn’t make is where the problems lay.  All except the P250 pistol.

The SIG P250 is an interesting idea that’s poorly executed.  I’m not really a fan and I don’t think I’d actually buy one.  Ever.  But that’s just me.

The SIG Mosquito is also problematic.  It too is a good idea that has less than stellar execution.  It looks good, feels good… and just doesn’t quite work as any SIG should.

SIG’s name branded accessories… their holster, lights, laser combos… they just don’t quite work well enough to really warrant the SIG names.  See,  a long time ago Winchester whored out their name onto a lot of cheap Chinese made crap.  SIG has evidently done the same.  The SIG holster is a rather poor Serpa knockoff.  Their lights either fail or burn through batteries too quickly.

If I were SIG’s CEO, Chairman, Ultimate and Final Decision Maker… Here’s what I’d do:

1.  Discontinue the P250 and write it off as a loss.  All remaining P250’s would be given to the NRA’s Training program.  All of them.  Or maybe to the SIG employees who want one.  Write them all off for tax purposes.

2. The 2022 pistol needs a bit of work.  It seems like an unfinished product.  Such as the way the takedown pin sticks out a bit too far and the slide lock lever feels a bit too… chinsey

3. All the cheap items with the SIG name… they are all done.  Gone.  Instead of cheap crap… contract with those that actually make good products.  Or just not bother with them at all, because those items are not in SIG’s mission.  Simple as that.  SIG makes fine weapons and SIG needs to concentrate on just that.

4.  SIG needs to make a tactical shotgun to complete their line up.

5.  Drop the Mosquito and bring back the Trailside.

6.  Concentrate on Quality Control… above all else… quality.

Scope Dance.

I just did the Scope Dance.  Normally I give my buddy Fenris hell for always moving his scopes around… and now here I did it.

I pulled my EOtech off my M4, my Bushnell Holosight off (one of) my 870 Tactical, and my Lucid HD7 of my Sterling.  I never liked the thing on the Sterling and only put it on there for further accuracy testing.

So now the Bushnell Holosight is now on the Sterling because it’s the lowest mounting optic of it’s type.  The Lucid is on the M4 because I like the precision accuracy I got out of that combination when I was testing the Lucid… and that EOtech is now on the 870 Tactical.    I really like the way these guns are set up now.  I was going to Scope Dance a few more guns, to shake up the combinations but these are the 3 guns that needed it and it all worked out flawlessly and are probably the ideal options out of what I have in inventory.

The only gun that is still needing a better optic on it, is Killswitch, my Savage 93R17 HB.  The optic that’s on it now is the Bushnell Elite 3200 2-7×32.  I need to go up to at least a 4-12 on that sucker.  It can reach farther, with more precision than this 2-7 can deliver.  Great scope for what it is.  But P-Dogs are small and a bit more magnification would be a boon.

My Tasty Scottish Balls

Using modern sausage skins and not the traditional Scottish sheep stomach, small bite sized Haggis about the size of Chicken Nuggets.  Boiled then pan fried or grilled like a Bratwurst to put a crispy golden brown crust on it, or deep fry them.  Serve them on a bed of mash.  Pop the whole little haggis in your mouth… it would be delicious.  You’d love my tasty Scottish balls in your mouth.

If it cost the same per round…

A lot of guys have been arguing more and more passionately that 9mm is plenty good enough.  They say that 9mm is tested out to be just fine… just as good… smaller and more rounds in the mag is better.  I’m not going to argue that more rounds can be better than less rounds, but I’d argue that bigger rounds are better than smaller rounds.  I wonder if the cost of each main stream auto handguns rounds were all the same low price… all the same as 9mm… if people wouldn’t be looking at the more potent rounds instead of the cheaper 9.  I understand the economy sucks and money is tight everywhere.  So a lot of guys are telling themselves Nine is Fine.  Really?  Is it?

9mm, .40, .45, .357SIG, 10mm… if they were all 12.99 a box of 5o for FMJ’s and 18.99 for 25 rounds of JHP’s.  I think 9mm would fall out of favor pretty quick.

The Trials of 1905 found that they didn’t like the small caliber, so they went with .45.  Recently the Army put out the Request for Proposal for a new gun that was basically “Not a Beretta in 9mm.”  That request was later withdrawn, but the fact remains that the US Army isn’t all that tickled anymore with the smaller caliber.

Given my experiences with the 10mm cartridge, I could happily run 10 exclusively.  I know MHI is all about the .45, but the MCB guys are happy with their 10’s.   If the cost was indeed all the same, what would you run?  Would you opt for 9?


Police raided HK?

I don’t have the link, but The Blaze reported that HK was raided by German police. Charges of bribing Mexico.
Ah… It’s Mexico… That’s how you do business there. If you don’t, you don’t get anything done. It’s pay for play down there.

SIG’s 1911 .22

My buddy Fenris purchased a SIG 1911 in .22.  It’s not really made by SIG like their other 1911 pistols, but it’s made by GSG for them.  The other GSG’s are imported by ATI and are otherwise identical to the SIG, save for Grips and other Markings.

Well, Fenris and I took it out for the first time and we had a mixed box of random bulk rimfire rounds.  We fired 250 rounds through it. The accuracy was remarkable and the reliability was flawless.  Impressive for any rimfire…

Now SIG has a new version…  One I like a bit more.

Oh baby… That’s a good looking .22 Rimfire pistol right there!  Yes, t really is green… OD Green with simple walnut wood grips.

Axis Powers

When Germany and Italy work together on something, amazing things happen and France surrenders.
Ducati and AMG have conspired together to build an evil motorcycle called the Diavel AMG.  It’s already banned in Poland.
Quite seriously, Italian designs and German engineering is the best of both worlds… It’s the automotive equivalent of crossing the streams.