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SIG’s 1911 .22

My buddy Fenris purchased a SIG 1911 in .22.  It’s not really made by SIG like their other 1911 pistols, but it’s made by GSG for them.  The other GSG’s are imported by ATI and are otherwise identical to the SIG, save for Grips and other Markings.

Well, Fenris and I took it out for the first time and we had a mixed box of random bulk rimfire rounds.  We fired 250 rounds through it. The accuracy was remarkable and the reliability was flawless.  Impressive for any rimfire…

Now SIG has a new version…  One I like a bit more.

Oh baby… That’s a good looking .22 Rimfire pistol right there!  Yes, t really is green… OD Green with simple walnut wood grips.


  1. Blaine Newell's Gravatar Blaine Newell

    Hi there. I just picked up a Sig 1911-22 also. I’ve only shot it once. I used several types of cheap bulk .22 ammo. No malfunctions at all. The trigger is good. Not match grade. And I like the way the sights came with several front blades, so you could adjust height. I also have a Chiappa 1911, the base one. The Sig cost a lot more. But, it comes with a lot more. I’m really happy with it.

  2. 11/11/2011    

    Had a chance to shoot one at Dealer Days at a local range a few months ago. Only ten rounds, but I did like it.

  3. 11/11/2011    

    The GSG 1911’s are real winners…finally a worthy rimfire version that’s even cheaper than the conversion kits (and works better than them too!) I believe that they even make the new Colt 1911 rimfire.

    • 11/11/2011    

      Sadly its Walruses that’s making the Colts… And those are not as good.

      • 11/11/2011    

        Walther… Freaking smartphone….

  4. Blaine Newell's Gravatar Blaine Newell

    The new Colt 1911-22 and the Sig 1911-22, are very different. I own both. The magazines are very different. The Colt’s hold 12 rounds, the Sig or GSG holds 10. The Sig has a magazine safety, that blocks the trigger. The Colt doesn’t.

  5. rocketguy's Gravatar rocketguy

    Interesting. My Ruger MkII has issues and I’ve been looking at expensive repair/replacement. Replacement is looking more attractive…

  6. Geoff's Gravatar Geoff

    I have a real Colt 22 conversion unit.

    I would like to have a S&W M&P Compact model in .22 LR to match my 9c.

    Has anyone seen a real S&W M&P .22 in the hard plastic?

    Who notes his Major S&W dealer is having a sale, and I am seriously broke. Sigh.

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