Police raided HK?

I don’t have the link, but The Blaze reported that HK was raided by German police. Charges of bribing Mexico.
Ah… It’s Mexico… That’s how you do business there. If you don’t, you don’t get anything done. It’s pay for play down there.

11 thoughts on “Police raided HK?”

  1. No, they are accused of selling firearms to provinces of mexico which are accused of human rights violations, which is prohibited by German law. The bribery is probably the more minor of the two.

  2. Well, it can’t be to directly selling to those states as they must first be sold to SEDENA, put on disposition to the DCAM and then passed on to the states.

    HK, or any other manufacturer for that matter, can’t directly sell to the states, so it’s bribery charges and German lawyers trying to enforce their laws in México.

  3. Pay for play is not ethical. Products should be sold based on merit not because some greedy government pig wants to feed at the trough. Weapons of any kind should not be sold to a government that is going to use those weapons against its own people. I love small businesses bc to survive they have to be resourceful, and respond to the needs of the customers, provide value & good service. Big multinationals have to do none of that bc they can use their power to tell you what is going to happen either through massive media campaigns, the buying out of competitors, and by bypassing the whole electoral system and influence government directly. Pay for play is evil, plain and simple and should not be condoned. President Eisenhower said it best in his military industrial complex speech. If people with lots of money are using that cash to impact political decisions then it is not a huge leap to consider the possibility of arms manufacturers manipulating government puppets to start unjust wars to drum up business for arms sales resulting in the diversion funds from the national treasury into their bank accounts; money which could be better invested in improving/maintaining a nation’s infrastructure. pay for play is the first step in creating an Orwellian totalitarian state and I for one will never support a firearms company who indulges in such shady practices.

    1. Oh, I never said it was ethical. I was just saying that that is the only way to get any business done in Mexico. I know several guys that do regular business down there and they just have to budget for it.

  4. H & K probably managed to tick off someone in the German government. Probably didn’t donate enough to someone in the Green Party. My guess it was something like the Gibson Guitar raid in the US.

    1. Pemex, as in, nationalized oil…
      Actually México could have any piece of hardware it may wish, the fact that it’s authorized for purchase is another matter.

      For example, The G3 and it’s variants (like the new MSG90) and the MP5 and it’s variants are produced under license, as for the G-36’s and the like, eh, if we have the technical expertise to produce the FX-05 which is pretty much the unwanted child of a SCAR and a G-36, then just purchasing the G-36 manufacturing license or several at wholesale, wouldn’t be a problem.

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